Welcome to The Dustus Blog!

Warning: this is an experiment!

Welcome to The Dustus Blog. I am yours truly, Adam Dustus. If I’m ever slow in posting, let me now apologize in advance. I’ll be writing out my blog entries first in my sketchbook, alongside some visual ideas and other projects I wish to share soon. Anyway, I guess I write that way because I like to start out with a blank canvas—it’s that old cliché of a clean slate in action. That seems to work best for me. After all, we all have are own preferences. We’re all unique individuals. Celebrate what makes you different! Go ahead…nobody is stopping you, except for yourself of course.

headshot1While I believe computers are genius creations with a magnificent potential for communication, I still long for the intimate feel of spilling my guts on a sketchpad. I sort of feel that way about reading a book I hold in my hands rather than scanning the lines of an e-book on my monitor. However, that is an excellent option for individuals who utilize screen readers—that technology is pretty amazing and helpful.

I’m a G5 Mac user in case you were curious. This machine is great for running video and any software used in the graphic arts. I still use a PC for many other tasks. Thus I have nightmares of being in the Apple computer TV ads with Both Mac (Justin Long) and PC (John Hodgman, fellow author and brilliant on The Daily Show) pulling me by the arms in opposite directions as if I were Stretch Armstrong.

As an artist, I use my computer to create all types of visual composites, as well as for book formatting, and of course entertainment. More than anything else I love to write novels. My first one entitled, High School Asylum is set to published independently at the end of this year. I am also simultaneously publishing my first poetic collection, In & Out of Line. If you like my blog, then come check out my books when they finally come out on the market. I hope they will be ready before the first of the year.

Without question, I am very excited about the new direction of my writing career. It’s my duty as an artist to let my creativity evolve through this whole new digital world, which in my opinion is a virtual unlimited canvas for creation in many forms. I am planning some multimedia projects as well, so stayed tuned for upcoming entries.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Thank you, WordPress. It is amazing what you have done to help people like me 🙂

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