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Smoky Mountain Haze

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Waterfall rush slakeshaiku
Forge smoke scents Chimney trail brush

Summit peeks through high


Akin to Quixote

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Bless his crazy heart…haiku
Faux windmill fighting psycho!

—Let’s seek asylum



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Calling all ghosts
Calling all ghosts
Bawse-man is pissed
It’s time to compose…

For Christ’s sake!
We cannot look bad
Best dust off the mic(s)
And murder this man!

Just torch that fucking bitch
Turn his home into ash
If lucky we’ll watch
A burning man dance

Then sift through charred rubble
Mix dirt with remains
Leave it that way
Pray that it rains
’til nothing is seen–
Erased from the past
Like our fingerprints off of
Those red cans of gas

Then wait…

Smell the smolder
Like roses in bloom
Money well spent
For a dusty perfume


Finally, do 2 things
(Before reseeding blue grass):

We must dustbust this wasteland
& restrict highway access–

In order to cover
Both asses & tracks


Spiritual Crisis

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Writing kept me sharp
Tempers my dull mind
But this is not the type of note
That makes me feel alive

Deepfake Tribulation

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Whiskey-shooting away professional tormenting failure, The Plaintiff, slipped fumbling sideways off a sky-high cliff.  Your Honor, his fractured ego denied having been pushed!  As if privacy exists in our defamatory deepfake world.  Consequently, it took many arduous years of gradual rehabilitation before self-loathing dried and creative fire reemerged furiously brighter than The Defendants’ life-threatening malice.   

 *Fiction in 55 words = #flash55