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For My Soul

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For My Soul

Hear death approach
Demonic grunts chortle breath
Thudding cinder block house-shaken steps
Spreading panic imminent
For shadows creep life
You won’t take my essence
For my soul I will fight


*Thia one was for Pete Marshall‘s Halloween prompt over at
One Stop Poetry!
Happy Halloween!

One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge…

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“Swann’s Way” 

Perception floods life
Untangled link chains
In search of lost time
Nature flows framed

Silviu Ivana is an extraordinary photographer!
(Check out his blog! Click on his name!)
Marcel Proust
(Graham Greene called Proust the “greatest novelist of the 20th century.”)

…and thanks to Chris G..  excellent One Shoot Sunday!

For Claudia’s iPhone Picture Prompt Challenge: Haiku

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This post is for the One Shoot Photography Sunday Challenge:
*Claudia’s iPhone picture prompt inspired the following haiku:

Summer glowing held
Diaphanous curtains swim
iPhonic tuned light

*Check out Claudia’s iPhone Picture Prompt Challenge @
One Stop Poetry

One Stop Poetry-New Dustus Friday Post…

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Dustus Friday Post on One Stop Poetry!

This week’s offering is up. My response to the 1st One Shoot Picture Prompt Challenge. Check it out when you get a chance…
Cosmic Bowling”

One Shoot Sunday Slide Show

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I’ve put the following slide show together for One Shoot Sunday going on over at the One Stop Poetry blog. Come check it out after viewing the show…. One Shoot Sunday

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Pop Quiz… What do all these photos have in common?
Answer: All photos taken where I live.