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Once Spoken

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Icicles stalactite-sized
Adorning gutters and power lines
Glimmering strands of Christmas light
Alberta Clipper stings tonight

Blinking traffic signals
Ambient glow from rows of street lamps
Present a quiet city morning
Before college classes resume
Legislative minds renewal
New agendas after the holidays
Trying to fix a choking economy

Joy riders in a navy Ford Focus
Lay on their blaring horn
Announcing dawn like a wake up call
Startling stray pedestrians

Car lights blur speeding past
Slick peel-out, had gunned the gas
The focus reflected in limo-windowed
Empty building glass
Lingering alongside a fifth beep
Fading streak, slow to recede
Low echoing
Beyond summarized voices
Once spoken, now gone
Passing monuments on the Capitol lawn
Snow clump stuck to the V in ‘Nam

Film Clip of Monday Morning on

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Just posted Monday Morning on
It is a brief poetic narrative (approx. 1 min. 22 secs)

The film is @

Crickets Chirp

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Crickets chirp
Parched echoes thirst
Heaven & hell
I’m still in reverse

Eclipsing moods
Blasting rung
A universe seems
Like an only one

Feeling down is so much fun!
Overtures & friends I shun
Can’t understand myself sometimes
Crickets chirp in my empty mind

Found Alive

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Regaining trust
Regrets forget
Best part of life
Will happen yet

Take your shot
Don’t fear and try
Inner voice too often hides
Errant struggles brushed aside
Fearing past in fading time
Love for future hope reminds
Sharpened clear as wind through chimes
Sound and taste mnemonic tied
Present gifts our dreams we find
Project fond moments
Found alive

Author’s Choice: “Sounds Done”

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Of my posts this past year, there is one I like best…
(Tell you why at the end)

Sounds Done

It was my youth
Mythical devil trade
Not for fame and fortune
Only to hear my sound refrain

Forty-six seasons pass
The mural weathered cruel storms and sun
Sure I’ll write another novel—
My life has already taken this one

Majesty for words
Conscious sting
Losing love
Bitter dreams

So cheers to renewal
I’m beginning to see
Wrote my best
Now let it be…

——————Adam Dustus





(photo by Kim Lennox)

I wrote the above poem upon the completion of my second novel.  So this post will always be sentimental to me. 

Sounds from a House
is about the vindication of a tortured people.
This manuscript is currently unpublished.