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Special Surprise Birthday Shout Out!

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Special surprise birthday shout-out to my friend and One Stop Poetry brother, Brian Miller. Stop on by and join the party!

You can also read Brian’s outstanding creative writing @ WaystationOne
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Dreams to be
Completely free
With no worries

Find myself here
Surge past nose
Fear disappearing
Sound drones “ohm”

Mesmerizing floating foam
Sinking feelings drift alone
Who am I? What do I know?
Two eyes stay open minding flow

While blood of course
And thought rebirth
Connecting life in joy and hurt
Opens heart to love and surf
River rushes over earth

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The Green Pool

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Oh how this color floods!
For granted land
Nature still inspires man

Women dreaming gamut green
Couples hand-in-hand past spring
Segue from some real world scene
Living, learning
State of being

No watery grave
Flair whimsical blush
Spiral shoots, reflected brush
Bird song sauntering
Voice beams thrush
The green pool brings me
Pause over rushed…

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(photo by me – MSU campus)

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Dustus Post for One Stop Poetry… “Depression’s Last Curse”

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It’s Friday, which means a new post on One Stop Poetry by yours truly.

Click on the image or the link below to check it out…

Depression’s Last Curse

The Torch

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Divided by distant land
Bold beacon raised fire
Handle sparkling water
Desire reaching higher

Into fair morning
Vintage glowing sky
Breathing aware
Most subtle glare
Cooling mist
Calming air

As I stand in awe
Click a photo for all
Nothing like being
Thought pressing pause

The torch of light
Soon handing over noon
Thinking there is more to life
Searching through forgotten truth

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