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There are many zones
Perspective agreements
Representations from memory
Forever held secrets

From beyond recall
Initial blank wall
Comfort and love
Banished withdrawal

Wondrous emotions
Once ran away
Every fond moment
Remains etched in the brain

Thought after all
What’s there to mind?
Circadian beats?
Wind through chimes?
Repeating rhymes?
Your heart in time?
Still life seems best
When you unwind

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*Photo taken by me
I am happy to share this poem (my 350th post!) for both Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally & One Shot Wednesday!

Thanks for the awards and visiting my blog. The rallys have been outstanding & I’m proud to participate every chance I get. Thanks, Jingle! Your fantastic Thursdays bring people together.

My nominee(s) this week are Brian Miller, Leslie Moondustwriter, and Pete Marshall. The reason I select them all is because they have worked very hard to create One Stop. Cheers!

One Stop – Where Poets and Writers Meet
“A place to express and share, to comment and make friends, to discover and learn. We at One Stop are dedicated to promoting poetry & fiction, of all genres, and offer a warm hand of friendship to all who follow…”

In a Flash (55 Fiction)

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When no longer expecting to win, life humbles with random accidents seeming to happen in a flash.  As when lines of sight, puzzled together, show more than yourself and the way. Moments lasting forever or so it’s just thinking, connecting, feelings to living. Finding the future in the present of the world now shouting “Surprise!”

Care for a Reading?

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

Sunbursts After

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Write of way
Faltering starts
Beauty pondered
Inspired art

Hopes arrest life
Far banished grief
Snow stops falling
Canvas-soaked sneaks

Keep on walking
Incessant recalling
Finally stopping
Look up to sigh…

Crisp cold air
Peace in mind
Clouds displace
Light shattering sky
Revealing different
Versions of time
Poured out dregs
Warm sour wine

Gone the reeling
Post bitter feelings
Sunbursts after
Beyond stormy lives

Why On Earth?

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Grow a spine
Splay flower vine
Tendrils bent
In clusters wine

Drunk by nature
Air moonshine
Bitter taste of spirit deigns

Breathing deep
Exhausted sighs
Soothing voice
Close my eyes

Wind song gusting
Waveforms rise
What never was
Convinced I mind

All aside this life reminds
Beside fool courage
Echo lies

Futures clear
Through taking time
Why on earth?
You must decide

Without Place or Time

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Come soothing human voice
Ocean sprawl faint in ear-shaped shells
Telling love of choice
Lie to me and go to hell

As if life could demand
Whispers your heart beat
Feet stuck in soaked sand
Don’t think of myself as better than
Brazen lesser yields of hand

Fault lines, drifting tides
Brisk night air
To ease my mind
Troublesome past
Has been typed
Beneath yellow stars
That twinkle shine
Firmament winking
Spirits opine
Eternity restless
Without place or time