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One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge…

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“Swann’s Way” 

Perception floods life
Untangled link chains
In search of lost time
Nature flows framed

Silviu Ivana is an extraordinary photographer!
(Check out his blog! Click on his name!)
Marcel Proust
(Graham Greene called Proust the “greatest novelist of the 20th century.”)

…and thanks to Chris G..  excellent One Shoot Sunday!

Authors Who Dared to Think & Write Boldly

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Of all the books written
At which tradition
Judgmentally scoffed
Transformed future visions
From the artists they taught!

I stand by Ulysses
Swann’s Way
John Milton’s Areopagitica
The humor of Mark Twain

There is quite a long list
(even Hemingway & T.S., Virginia Woolf…)
I encourage everyone to visit
John Kremer’s link for the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame
This creative and socially conscious legacy
Truly blew me away!

I feel most honored to state proudly
My literary heroes have paved the way!
Authors who dared to think & write boldly
They did not accept standard commercial change

John Kremer’s link to Self-Publishing Hall Of Fame:

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