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The Chairs (Flash 105)

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A clear IV connects painkiller, grandma’s last rites, and Sunday morning. Fidgeting in pink admittance gown, you could tell she hates her wheelchair—getting used to it John supposed. She was always so free in love and expletives…

His first word was “shit” looking on from a high chair—Grandma mashed peas yelling.

“Maya, come here.” Her demand facing death; grandson’s sad life had been revealed to a stranger.

Approaching light brown-haired nurse smiles as if they shared history.

“This is my grandson; the detective I told you about.”

“Grandma,” he chuckles pointing at her suspiciously.

Maya sits in a metal cafeteria chair between estranged lives.



Next Time Expected

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Benny faces thug Finneran expecting another beating; good hand shaking as if about to lose the farm doubling down. Benny’s keys rattle changing owners—goodbye silver Jag.

“They’re you go, Buddy.” Finneran threatens mockingly, “More than a gambling problem next time. You’ll turn-up DOA. Capice?”

Benny’s recurverate hand held onto heartburn, “Won’t be a next time, Fin.”

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Saint Joe’s Kicker (Flash 55)

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St. Joseph’s couldn’t gain ground that stormy day, post-hurricane.
Fear of canceled Homecoming ended. However, superstition states rivals still battle.

4th Quarter…. Fat muddy coach screams, spikes playbook,
“Field Goal Team get out there!”

Gold and black, Steeler-like jersey, bobbling-Titan helmet—130 lbs. sophomore kicker trots to the 40.

Hike… fumbled snap…. It’s up… and…
No good.

Care to listen to the play-by-play!

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)