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Entering Threshold

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Welcome to the carcass house!
Floorboard mites, atrophy
Grey stone anatomy
With no need wiping fungal dung
Keep those cowboy boots buckled on
After dismounting your precious steed

This pane lest window blights shrieking
Pulling back, Trigger. Whoa!
Reign flimsy strings, mummified
When denial runs, inlet banks
Surge inner coursing
Fractals, geometric extant
Pointed toward the sky
Oblique, ziggurats
Monoliths, Argonauts
Not given up for life
It’s all that left when
Deconstructing lies

Pox upon this desolate prairie
Crop circle sightings of Virgin Mary
When minutes slough
Invective canaries
Dropping perched
Martyr failing

Sweet cat refugee
Bitter swallows
Walls weather-eaten
Restive hollow
Face stuffed with headcheese
Bloody rat feet
In time for Eliot, E.T.
Gremlins seething midnight feedings
Yellow oozing, leaven yeast
Juju beads that broke crowned teeth

Switchback too
Infected puss
Dull orange gritty rust
Fill ups, screws
Marking decay
For sighting backcrapward
Bleaching drunk
Sentry stains

Weakening carbon-based, nuclear cores
Interpolating Laura Ingalls Wilder
Cries “Aye me” to Prince Albert
Banks swelling upstream salmon
Eyeballs chocolate chip sized
Their spine combs coughed up
Hair balls among prancing Kodiak high fives
Chestbumping manboobs
Spawn from impotent steroids
Grand jury’s questions so appealing
Faux “twilight kingdom”
Ruled by ARod and Cameron Diaz
Some popcorn with your P.C. virus?
While hungry humans shout from rooftops
Won’t you please feed us!
As stocks and brokers jump

Replete, removed
Goosed mien, head shot, dead rot
Bulleye’s struck by rocketed snot
Roger Samuel Clemens, Shania Mark Twain
Wind swaying stalks, curling bark
Beavers crack chestnuts
Balks bucktooth central anteriors
Masticate ligaments, sinews
Drain shunt
Not Lake Superior
A rabid coyote drools
Chewing on a baseball
Have you seen it

Much matter does not feel
Hunting venison beer drunk
Redneck chaw spit, upchuck
Back against crumbling pores
Survilalist grunts
Elk tracks in mud
Fossilized for saving dates
Cross-dissecting ring marks
Shouts of Timber!
Wane cherry ember
For a scrap book
One never remembers
Maimonides steril scapple
Love declared, healing care
Word born mass graves
Fuel our sad lives
Entering threshold frames


*The following poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This amazing prompt was shot by photographer Sean McCormick.

Part Two of the Seam McCormick interview is featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday.

Ghosts of Grain Manor (Flash Fiction — One Stop Poetry Challenge)

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*The following Flash Fiction is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This amazing prompt was shot by photographer Sean McCormick. He is featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday.

Gen Y Abe contemplates raining stars. Fargone, lost beneath a firmament of midnight purple—reminding him of indelible contusions…. 

Awaiting his father passing out, Abe addresses nobody, decrying boondock loneliness.

“OMG, are you hearing me?” 

Feelings penned like squawking hens expecting predawn feed 86 years after Old Man Preston hung himself from the warped grainery rafters.

Care for a reading?


*The above flash 55 was just written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. 

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