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Most Human Schemes (for Poetry Rally)

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Quit staring at me!
I’ll leap from this tree
Fearing your shots
And most human schemes

Care for a Reading?

(*photo by me)
Post for poetry rally.

Visit Jingle to join the rally fun!
My poet nominee is Shan.

Earth Remains (& Poets’ Rally Appreciation)

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Happy Earth Day!!!
Still celebrating National Poetry Month!

I’d like to acknowledge a few items.  Foremost, congratulations to all who contribute to the rallys by offering work, comments, and encouragement.

Special thanks to Jingle for hosting them.

In return, my nomination is Martin. Congrats, Sir. I always enjoy reading your work.

In addition, thank you for the awards I have received last week and over the last few months. Also, thank you, Trisha, for sharing your awards with me.

Moments gone without recollection
Forgotten birth through life’s invention
Acclimation, first signs to speech
Approximating gestures reach

Pangs, Pain,
Love, Blame
Count to ten
Find you again

Evening, rain
For future grace
We all must save

Upon our planet
Live and change
Cherish each day
While earth remains