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“Our Gang” for One Stop Poetry Challenge

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I selected the following photo for today’s One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge… Everyone is welcome to participate. Click Here

Curb quiet
Out on the street

“Our Gang” sits
Hard times, that fear repeats
Collective despair, begging heirs
Tenterhooks, penniless, squalor bequeathed  

Checks into Hoovervilles
Smells of burning garbage
Crawling into appliance box holes
For slimy grits and lumpy porridge
Grace said over every meal
City streets to forage

While removed from joy
Health care won’t give
Insensitive skits
Their system quit
No money for shoes
Nor holiday gifts…

Children feel cuts
When depression hits

About the Photo:
Depression Era Childhood Faces (St. Louis, Missouri)
*image care of creative commons flickr: