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What the Dickens? (Bookstains Poetry Challenge)

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Lynda has issued a new poetry challenge prompt via Bookstains!
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What the Dickens?

You’ve made me dream of London
Industrial age, revolution
Insider’s eye to factory life
Catherine and 10 children

Iconic characters, Twist and Scrooge
Pickwick, Drood, a tale of two
Bleak house, Hard Times, Our Mutual Friend
Great Expectations the masters reread

Mary died held in your arms
Blaming self for sisters’ charms
Breaking hearts, too much your own
No price is worth a bitter throne

To students of novels you wrote our book
Your body of work, which screen and stage took
Each night before Christmas your genius I see
Tiny Tim’s blessing broadcast on TV


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Tears Inside

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cover by Keven Lupien

cover by Keven Lupien @

Then there’s that fine line
History hurt
More strength from failed reply
Never give up, will always try
Even with tears inside
You’re not qualified

Burning canvas
Sat in silence
May be hell
Still want to fight this…

So sorry, Story
Wanted untold
Judgment passed
Buy what’s been sold

eh, strange

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Echoes less deaf
Smudged composite sketch
Everything sounds
Stuck to my promise
This life, every ounce

Storms did ignite
Ranting plight
Mid synaptic frights
Frigid shivers none too proud
Having had to beg for my life
Shouts gain ground
Hope you don’t know
What it’s like
So many wrongs
A need to write

An afterward
Prologues deranged
I am not one bit
More like
eh, strange