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Rock & Roll Rushmore

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I feel like nowhere, Man
Far from mountain hills
A much nearer Dakota
South of Strawberry Fields…

Background like The White Album
John & George gone & not forgotten
When all I need is love, so write then
Symbol of knowledge bitten beside them

Rock and Roll Rushmore
Watching over Manhattan Island
Some of the most beautiful lyrics to exist
Lennon and McCartney did write them
Even The Rolling Stones first number one
Though George penned my favorite
Here Comes the Sun

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*photo by me


Imagined Music (One Stop Poetry Challenge)

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*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. All poets are welcome to take part in the challenge. Click on the link to check out the rules.

I was young when fever swelled
Heard this band no friends could tell
Summoned through shrill trumpet sound
Pleas for God to fix our house

Tracks of tears, crushed off course
Blaming self and not divorce
Roaring, ringing, childhood blue
Whooshing, rumbling, making up tunes

Alone with thought each afternoon
All my fault that they were through
Reality did not show glee
At dinner sat between their screams

Imagined music I can’t sing
Pretending life might turn happy
As marching bands cross mute daydreams
No song would save a broken family

Like An Angel

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Grownups feared the wall’s cave
Specialists could save my life
Winding under river currents
Downtown breaks through tunnel light

Risk of rupture, whispers strange
Worried look on mother’s face
“And your is them”
Leaking sounds
Wanted a puppy
Balloon scan found

A ghost that year
Rushed surgery
Remove from stem
What makes brain bleed

Boy, being petrified
No stuffed animal to hold
Blocking ears they think can’t hear
Tape over eyes with wads of gauze

Doc spoke to me real easy
Dad claimed it routine
Afterward at FAO Swarz
Said he’d buy a toy for me

And so that past Christmas
Time I can’t forget
Six years old, held back tears
Right side of my groin blood let

Hearing hums
Revved drill bit
Pulsing, throbbing
Did I see this?
Constant ticks of lids and lips
Machine kept beeping, click-click-clicks

They stopped my heart
Chilling soul
100 degrees
Reduced to cold 

As it happened
I had quit
Opened mind
Spirit split
Flat line
White light
Shocked to relive
Heard that “Clear!”
My self defibbed

Like an angel looking down
From above the gurney, gowned
Thought I watched myself die there
Could not tell what’s dream from real

*photo by me
Rockefeller Center (NYC)
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