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Tie-dying clouds

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Sun showers twilighthaiku
Sky molten cools deliquesced

Spanish Moss weeping


Good Morning Ocean

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Wind tousles dune grasshaiku
Tourists take sunrise selfies

Pacing gulls forage 



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Sunflowers do wilt
Petals will shed
But when roots are not shallow
They may thrive again



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Emotions uniting
Wind song through trees
Breeze stirs lake lapping
Shivering sighs, trembling leaves


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A Diamond’s Tree

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Sunspread shadows grace this lawn
Slingshot, wishbone, or tuning fork
Subtle fading cloudless sky
In recalling fall how
Everything died

Wondering why
I cherish spring
Bright tonal range
Refreshing breeze
Really simple
It can’t be…
Sparkling light
Through a diamond’s tree

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HDR Image by me
E. Lansing, MI
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Most Human Schemes (for Poetry Rally)

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Quit staring at me!
I’ll leap from this tree
Fearing your shots
And most human schemes

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The End of Normalcy

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Sky-blue gradient to light negative space
Suspended muse of time and place
Throaty rattle of cardinals sing
Life a puzzle of days and dreams

Early morning fragrant breeze
Lawn-mowed scent and flowered leaves
Bees by instinct, chipmunks flee
Wonder when I’ll be at ease

Orange glow from sun spread glare
Alone but for fresh morning air
Think of all I want to be
Coffee cold, my palate stings

Dappled shadows without pattern
Some do claim that life just happens
Belief in anything you see
More awaits for us unseen

Can’t say for certain what’s to come
With thoughtless moments I am done
Each time I think the moment seized
Still sense the end of normalcy

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Haiku #2

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Flower lattice arbor
Green golden glade warms
Suffuse yearning life