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Tie-dying clouds

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Sun showers twilighthaiku
Sky molten cools deliquesced

Spanish Moss weeping


Good Morning Ocean

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Wind tousles dune grasshaiku
Tourists take sunrise selfies

Pacing gulls forageĀ 



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Sunflowers do wilt
Petals will shed
But when roots are not shallow
They may thrive again



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Emotions uniting
Wind song through trees
Breeze stirs lake lapping
Shivering sighs, trembling leaves


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A Diamond’s Tree

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Sunspread shadows grace this lawn
Slingshot, wishbone, or tuning fork
Subtle fading cloudless sky
In recalling fall how
Everything died

Wondering why
I cherish spring
Bright tonal range
Refreshing breeze
Really simple
It can’t be…
Sparkling light
Through a diamond’s tree

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HDR Image by me
E. Lansing, MI
*New slide show coming soon