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Spirit of Spring

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Learning how
To give, be free
An offered hand
With hold on being

Dawn climbs
Over rooftops now quiet
Subtle shore line
As if the sky a silken shine
Trees like baby breath beside
Distorted height from lens angle wide

Foam wake of waves
Blushing fair light
Suspending night
Feeling right

Put in my place
Of ambitious dreams
Words form twisted
Entangled rings

Sleepless again
Spirit of Spring
Questioning fate
Love we both mean

Morning Fades (The Morning of August 7, 2009)

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East Lansing

Humanity guided by omen
With powers declaring war
Better to inspire future poets
To sing like never before

Think old eyes
Saw this at see
Long for the gaze
Await Penelope
Visions of Ulysses
Barnacle, nautical
Ten years of spring
Homeric surge audible

Sky full of dreams
Multicolored threads
All time interwoven
In art and in moments…
Colors wilt and morning fades
By degrees of the sun’s warming rays