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When winter days feel empty
Ahead of spring’s warm thrill

It gets me through the worst of time
To think she loves me still

But that’s just wishful thinking
Straight Bourbon with a pill
When coming down to realize
It’s not worth feeling ill


An Abject Prayer

Posted in Poetry, Short Poems with tags , , , , , , , on February 19, 2019 by dustus

It’s not because she’ll tease me
Or make me wish I’m there
Trick my mind to thinking
Someone truly cares

It’s not the song within my heart
Or how she can’t compare
To any love I’ve ever known
Beyond an abject prayer

Alone Before (One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge)

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He thinks she might know
Her love waits upon rocky beach
For reason unseen standing there
Alone before they meet

*the above photo is by the great Andy Ilachinski
He is featured today @ One Stop Poetry

Fall Again

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It’s because we fall again
After summer’s glow
Awakens feelings in time
You know

Resistance cannot understand
Veins like maps on leaves and hands
Folded, covered by the land
Awaiting autumn, life felt grand
So much love I cannot stand

Decomposing soil states
Absorbing matter after breaks
In all glory seldom late
Perhaps an early heated space

Taking this moment
Fate peaks in stead
Fall again
To be human

Cherished gifts float peacefully brief
Nature rains confetti streams
From under earth soon harvesting
Growth through cold air

Care for a Reading?
Happy One Shot Poetry Wednesday!
(*photo taken in Northport, MI)


Much More Than Might

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Dare I ask?
Unmask my mind
Which you have read
And found fault lines

Caring shared
Uncertain why
Depression lingers
Holds back time

Cloudcover stretch
Harboring blue skies
Flashflooding brainstorms
Tide rose from sunshine

Knowing matters
Scared of heights
Holding hands
While taking flight

Anything possible
Limits turn right
As if called by a spirit
Much more than might

*photo by Kim Lennox

With Unconditional Love

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I’ll watch you breathe the air
And finally see your face
With unconditional love
A birth my family waits

Letting Go

Posted in Blog, education, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , , on October 31, 2009 by dustus

Dizzying circles spread a pond
Concentric measures intertwine
Music to all moments sigh
Tornadic wake
Ache divine

Where will life take me?
Okay to be fine
Tragedy forsakes thee
Opposite vibes, tested times
Cold turned inferno, alive inside
Fearless now creative thrive

Steamrolled over and cosmic bowled
Universe that strikes alone
Digestive rumbles, farcical throne

Karma altars nothing known
Love the only proof that’s shown
Feeling thought to call one’s own
Giving in while letting go

Smiles Adorn

Posted in Poetry with tags , , on October 17, 2009 by dustus

Hope your heart finds
Search to implore
Love through each day
Smiles adorn