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There are many zones
Perspective agreements
Representations from memory
Forever held secrets

From beyond recall
Initial blank wall
Comfort and love
Banished withdrawal

Wondrous emotions
Once ran away
Every fond moment
Remains etched in the brain

Thought after all
What’s there to mind?
Circadian beats?
Wind through chimes?
Repeating rhymes?
Your heart in time?
Still life seems best
When you unwind

Care for a Reading?
*Photo taken by me
I am happy to share this poem (my 350th post!) for both Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally & One Shot Wednesday!

Thanks for the awards and visiting my blog. The rallys have been outstanding & I’m proud to participate every chance I get. Thanks, Jingle! Your fantastic Thursdays bring people together.

My nominee(s) this week are Brian Miller, Leslie Moondustwriter, and Pete Marshall. The reason I select them all is because they have worked very hard to create One Stop. Cheers!

One Stop – Where Poets and Writers Meet
“A place to express and share, to comment and make friends, to discover and learn. We at One Stop are dedicated to promoting poetry & fiction, of all genres, and offer a warm hand of friendship to all who follow…”

Metaphor Falls (for Poetry Rally)

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Life will be better
Accepting it all
Splash screen dreams
Metaphor falls

What may exist?
Blindfolding hints
Dying to live. Well,
That wasn’t it…

Cannot think after
Brief disbelief
I swear my conceit
Delay all perceived…
Godspeed to taking leave

Clear blue sky in which
Pillow clouds lie
Water curtains fly
Mist veiling light

90 degrees, aimless and peeved
Hard to rest these pacing feet
Faith wore pride in cut-off sleeves
Journey being felt indeed

Can never say goodbye in time
Frozen sprays of moisture shine
Soothing like the moment sigh
Glimmer boring tears from eyes
Positive drawing, blood felt wine
Exuberant wishing

Care for a reading?

*photo by me

Thanks for including me in this rally!

My nominee(s) for said rally are Lord Emmanuel and wordwand. They’re both fantastic. I just read 2 poems by them, respectively, that floored me:
“How Long” by Lord Emmanuel

“End of Spring” by wordwand

Cheers Jingle, Em, and wordwand

Thank You!

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Hi Everybody! I wish to thank Jingle and Heartspell in this post for presenting me with awards. Firstly, thanks for the Poet of May Award, as well as for voting for me. I feel honored just to be mentioned alongside individuals with blogs I enjoy visiting.

In addition, special thanks to Jingle for all her hard work and care in organizing these great rallys. (Feel better!)

Next, thank you, Heartspell, for selecting me as The Perfect Poet after the last rally. Appreciate that honor. I look forward to returning for the next rally.

Humanity Displayed (for Poetry Rally)

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“He breathed upon dead bodies and brought them to life. Nor sequent centuries could hit Orbit and sum of Shakespeare’s wit.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Time being first
Eternity resists
Happens each moment
When words leave our lips

Saint Ides to gods
Linguistic music
Pour ’cause some miss
Feelings still losing

To be and see
The urgency
Syllabic wars
Fool, me
Learning, Life
In debt I write

Love what you say
Forever confusing
Humanity displayed
Most tragic & amusing

Care for a reading?

*Photo by me. Statue of Shakespeare (Philadelphia)


As a result of last week’s rally, I acknowledge the flowers (awards) I received on this fine Bloomsday. Nice. As the title of my post indicates, this was my entry for this week’s poetry rally. Jingle, thanks for including me. I accept the above awards and in turn nominate… trisha!
Enjoy the Rally!


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Upon a pedestal that word belongs
If not felt strong, then my heart speaks wrong

Love’s fine letters
O slants off
This museum frame
Rare honor embossed

Deepest blush of lacquer red
See through to the sky
What shall last
Past our death

Care for a reading?

*photo by me Love Park (Philadelphia)

The above poem was my entry for the Thursday Poetry Rally. Many thanks to the esteemed Jingle for all the tireless coordinating she does.

About the awards:
These last couple of months I have been thinking to myself, “Self, I wish I could buy a new car.” Well, not only did I get one. Count ’em. 1…2…3… shiny new automobiles! Awesome. I always knew blogging would pay off… Seriously though, these peer awards are bestowed based upon votes in the categories of Short Stories, Art/Painting, and Humor—which is perfect because I tend to think of myself as a writer, artist, and occasionally funny.

Thank you for reading my work. I love blogging. Appreciate all who visit, comment, and encourage. That being said, my nominee for this rally is a tie between Moondustwriter and slpmartin. I decided this based on the fact that they have both been taking successful artistic risks in their respective writings. Check out their work. Congrats to them both!