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Upside Down

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Writing in the dark today

Migraines make me think this dying
Jagged gravel scrapes through brain
Alone, afraid, yet keep on fighting

Black silhouettes of chosen loss
Not scripting lines believing crossed
When shadows formed by infected trees
Paradise flipped symmetrically
Hence, my chosen fallacy—
Walk through water mentally
And the irony: returning leaves
With art projecting endlessly

No mirage exists herein
Now glowing mists, forest glistening
Trying squirms from lifeless shows
Knocks—thud sounds within cranial bones
Under throes of melted snow
Whereto walking I don’t know
Pressure changed so long ago

Spring lost, beginning—this ache feels true
Again faunal stages pan
As returning voices echo through
Golden bows and Puck’s woodland
Fergus, Shallot, Arthur’s clan
Crowning floral thorns on bloom
Myths may flow through afternoons

So what’s found above…
God in sky?
Kamikaze doves?
Love proclaimed without a hug?
Unable to recall
The entirety
From my birth
Or last night’s dream
Illusions of duality
Flip side from lost gravity
Ripple blotted sanity
Shallow fathom
Stretching reach
Still entrance made
One born through breech

My best guess is that time will end
Finding when our sleep amends
A race to space evolved from beasts
While lucid yearning pines for peace
I’m upside down
Where clouds should be
Breakthrough prayers
To find relief

Care for a poetry reading?

*The above prompt for this poem (which is actually upside down here) was shot by the incredibly talented photographer, James Rainsford. He was just featured on One Shoot Sunday (which was our most popular One Shoot to date!) …Please check out this interview and surf the links to Mr. Rainsford’s work.

*The poem is my offering for Week 38 of One Shot Wednesday
Thank You