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Draw Strength From Rejection!

Posted in Blog, education, people, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , , , on April 15, 2009 by dustus

Don’t ever let anyone tell you
You’re not good enough
Do they merit a clue to what you’ve been through?
Even though they believe
They know a thing or 2 about a thing or 2

When times got tough
Mired in countless ruts, depressed & rattled
Yearning heartrending personal battles
Death of loved ones
Break ups, lost love
Wondering if there’s a God above

Your self cried out
And only you know about
Those deepest moments when resolve shone through
Yes, that indeed was you

Never hold back
As a matter of fact
Draw strength from rejection!
It’s fuel for positive reflection

Gut Check Time

Posted in Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , on December 9, 2008 by dustus

1 of many

Times a year

Learning and sentiment

My self unclearyoung dustus

Fortitude on hold

Commanding strings dance

Personality bold, yet

No outlet, mere rants

Like a shrieking puppet

Tag I’m it

Tug at these strings

Still I won’t quite!

Gut Check Time

Inside-out turned mind

Hungry, empty

Searching to find

Consider your self

Thoughts, causes, hunches, health

Dear friends who’ve helped

That’s the real wealth

And in this recurring time

Someone is listening

Not just my mind

Overcome misery

To all who have stood by

You’ve pushed me through

Some really bad times


A gut check

or 2