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Radioactive Water to a Whale

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A Con Artist had sold
Radioactive water to a Whale 
Who then crapped Titanic Turdbergs
So no ships could ever sail

The people were livid
The coastguard got pissed
Nobody could swim
Those turds killed all the fish!

A myriad of sea-life
Suffered mass genocide:
Lobster, otter, shark, crab
All plants & octopi

Manatees…. gone
No turtles survived
Seals chose to cliff-dive
To hasten their demise

This carnage spread far worse than
Any epic algae bloom
Birds perished in mid-air
From mad wafting toxic fume

Tourism soon died
Commercial ports had shut down
& the Con Artist counted (while laughing aloud):
Every last clam that Whale had shelled out–
He hoped to find pearls
Prying open their mouths

As for that sick Whale
While he took his last breath
He knew he’d been poisoned
By the real Moby-Dick


The Arts Web Show… Video Result of the Humorous Poem Contest

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If you’ve been following my work a long time, or know a thing or two about the blog scene, then you’ll probably recognize Richard North (aka Kseverny) and his 1-man cast of characters known as The Arts Web Show from out of the UK.

Richard & I have known each other since I began posting online, and truth be told (I’ve said this before), his continuous encouragement helped me through what was a rough beginning to blogging. In fact, his encouragement challenged me to be more creative and made me reconsider quitting.

Anyway, a few weeks ago when I hosted One Shot Wednesday, I announced a humorous poem contest. In the spirit of good fun, many poets submitted poetry for the consideration of having it read in a creative way in an Arts Web Show skit—for which Richard does all the production & continues to build a following.

Eric Alder

To make a long story short, I forwarded all the entries to Richard without names attached, and he selected a poem by poet, writer, and photoblogger Eric “Bubba”Alder for a creative poetry reading.

*It will also be my pleasure to spotlight Eric on One Stop Poetry, which will be posted at noon EST. So stay check that out later today.

Check out The Arts Web Show…
Click Here 4 The Arts Web Show: Episode 7 entitled “Happy days”

Thank You!


Sunday Morning Quickie (humor? 55)

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Now that I’m much older and wiser, I’ve discovered lovemaking is all about timing—like knowing when your wife won’t be home. Seriously, I’ve been told multiple times that I’m an animal in the sack. Yep, that is 100% true. After all, I grunt, growl, and scratch before waking up to the smell of food.

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

Twitter Wit (“Joke Book” Review by A. Dustus)

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twitter witI usually take a new book with me on road trips. Reading seems to make the downtime pass enjoyably, especially when I’m laughing all the way to New Jersey. However, I admit to having difficulty selecting quality quick reads for such adventures. After all, road trips warrant books that are interesting, funny, and small enough to still see the road while driving. Seriously, don’t read and drive!  Audiobooks are suitable for twelve hours on the road.

Every time I login to Twitter, I know I’m bound to read something hilarious within a few minutes of checking my tweet stream. Aside from the interactivity and dialogue, Twitter Wit represents what I like best about “tweeting.”  In my opinion and as the book’s subtitle asserts, the collective humor in Twitter Wit truly is “brilliance in 140 characters.” To quote Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone (from the book’s Foreword): “Sharp, quick, inventive, intelligent, with a natural aptitude for words, ideas, and humor: The very definition of wit brings to mind the people with whom I share my days.”  While Bizz could have been talking about me (just kidding), he refers to countless Twitter users who share their insights and witticisms with the world.

After three years of sorting through tweets, Nick Douglas has compiled some of the best lines, asides, puns, humorous complaints, and zingers. This book is really a joke book—and a pretty good one.  What I appreciate most is that the material, with the exception of a few professional comedians, is drawn directly from the Twitterverse. Obviously, there are some very creative people out there, many of whom I follow just to read their witty posts.

Twitter Wit = lol!


Nick Douglas is a tech writer and founding editor of, and has also written for Wired, Slate, and the Huffington Post.  Visit his website @ Nick’s Twitter page is

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