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Seaward Sent ( #oneshotwednesday poetry )

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Eroding shoreline—noxious cloud
Bloody chum fed to sharks
After being asked out of love
Lampoons knife hooked hearts

Assailing claims this sodden course
Frail lists from sunk outpost
Unlike this boat, some ships won’t float
Seaward sent; blowhard boasts

What I believe remains naive
Low tide for trips not smart
Waiving emotion, capsized grief
No lighthouse guide through dark

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*Photography courtesy Creative Commons
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Foundations of Care

Posted in Blog, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , on July 5, 2009 by dustus

Considering past timeDustusThumbnail
What at first seemed by chance
Don’t mind strong emotions
Lonely hearts fell entranced

We’ve all made mistakes
Though some calculate
Belittle intelligence
Then wish to be saved

I am not perfect
Nobody is
Good people leave
Yet still they forgive

Some things are never
Foundations of care
You may go your way
Guided by fear

Loneliness, drama
Friendship disgraced
Next time you lie
Won’t be to my face