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Friendship (Beginning of a Writer’s Diary)

Posted in Blog, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , , on March 25, 2009 by dustus

My best friend gave me an idea for my blog the other day. She wondered if there was a way to combine all the best of how I write. So her first suggestion was to take a topic and write about the topic in question with an infusion of poetry. Sounds cool to me. To document each day I do this, I will snap a picture from my webcam once I’ve finished.

I am eager to begin. I never kept a diary, not to mention a series of photos over time. Who knows, it might become something to show the grandkids one day–hey look, there’s grandpa all young and scruffy and saying silly things!

Anyway…the first topic was “friendship”

I feel blessed when it comes to the best of friendships. Good friends have encouraged me to live my life freely, with only a minimal amount of dreaded I-told-you-so times. For that I am most grateful.


Friends who lent
The best part of themselves
Kind grasp on my hand
Hoisted from hell

I say and see
Down to the core
Our personalities
Change over time
Nothing for certain is sure

My closest friends
I find I owe you more
Than anything I could write
My wonder implores
What’s going on in your lives?

Heartfelt plea
Thank you all
For remembering me