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“His Break” ( #FlashFiction )

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4 am in Times Square pizzaria. I’m chasing plain slices with large drafts, catching a buzz beside stars…

“Fugetaboutit!  It’s art… Play with your heart! …Play with your soul! …Play with your goddamn balls!”

Fist-bumps. Hacking laughter…

“Listen, Slim. My break’s over.”

Danny hugs his musician brother; then returns to toss a pile of dough.

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Theatre of the Absurd

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Final Act
(across background)

Elvis-attired Andy Kaufman

Crowns Hulk Hogan

Folding chair concussing!

(Center-staged, foreground)

“Can’t afford my funeral

Nobody’s home

Life’s meaningless

Stop with Nostradamus!

Nobody’s coming


To cardboard homes

Pozzo not-so Lucky

Words POOF…

polluting wind”

(He crumples script
Then takes out cell;
Texts girlfriend
Meets her at coffee shop

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*The above Flash Fiction 55 (microfiction in 55 words) is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge.

The prompt is courtesy of photographer Jacob Lucas. He is featured today on One Stop Poetry. Check it out. Please leave him a comment if you dig his work.  (The interview was conducted by Chris Galford).

Gin & Tonic Seizure ( #FlashFiction )

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Carnations, chrysanthemums burn dislodged nasal septum. Footfalls crunch gravel the stiff procession trod. Hunched-backed, they snake two-by-two offering white roses.

I sneeze blood into her pink handkerchief.

“Who died?”

“My grandfather.” Her eyes hid behind fine graying blinds—don’t know her.

Restless tremors shock…

“Am I dreaming?”

“Yes,” her reply.

I collapse awake clutching my ears.