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Emotions uniting
Wind song through trees
Breeze stirs lake lapping
Shivering sighs, trembling leaves


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Failed Honesty

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Head spins around
Proud logical fool
We all end up old
Being vanity’s tool

Comfort in arms
Piece of mind
It’s not what is given
Nor asked for most times

Truth comes from lies
If you think better still
Experience answers
Vetting one’s will

Rambling on…
Through the course of my day
Wasting fond moments
Discard silly games

Complexly constricted
Lovelorn, conflicted
Only one life
Best just to live it

While we are not random
Powerless things
Moments will raze us
Down to our knees

What people don’t get
No matter how smart they be
We live to regret
Failed honesty