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Madison’s Deal (Flash 55)

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Beside window daylight streams, Madison bites her lower lip noticing wet sunset miasma materialize ghostly. Anxious paint smears swirling—palate-induced, sleep-deprived, haunting her instability…

“Why?” More demand than question.

“Maddy…” his sigh bypasses reason, facial tone butter yellow. “I’m back for farewell.”

“Why did you?”

“Just couldn’t anymore, Love.”

“Coward!” Madison screams; easel crashing also.

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“The Scream” image in title by Edvard Munch.

Paradise Dreams

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Love so truant
Playful in haste
Wine over time
Matures to great taste

Willing new passion
Eyes catch, you stare
Worst that can happen?
Falling to fail

Trust in your feeling
Don’t put off this life
Open hearts speak
Trump silent night

Future uncertain
Promise delight
Pause in a warm breeze
Thaw winter ice

Much more to live
Awaiting to see
Plotting my course
Paradise dreams



Pursue Your Dreams

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Confused and hurt
What could be worse?
Shut moist eyes fading black
Pain inside is where you’re at

Don’t think up heaven
Nor reverse psychology
Create your world now
Time ends suddenly

Feel that cold somersault
Spun out of control
Will this ever be over?
That’s how it goes
Your mind assumes
Broken hearts don’t know

Life will never improve ‘til you do!
Unearth the very best that you choose
If there’s nothing, you can’t lose

Being told to accept
Who listens? Anyway
Sharpened victim poisoned by regret
Pointless to curse the present
Once friends turn enemies

Hope exists mainly in your self
Take that scar from the past
Bare it unashamed
Though memories last
In the trying aftermath
Remember one important thing…

There is always a second chance
To that one finds a way
Often chaotically, off beat
Minds through shock open
Knocked-out of comforting sleep
Unlimited soul setting in motion
Beyond thoughts of failure, defeat
Joy will come round again you’ll see
Think up heaven
Pursue your dreams

I am happy to say this is my 100th blog post! I am very proud of that.
Without a doubt, I absolutely love sharing my work through this blog.
Appreciate all the encouragement, kind words, and support.
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