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Madison’s Deal (Flash 55)

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Beside window daylight streams, Madison bites her lower lip noticing wet sunset miasma materialize ghostly. Anxious paint smears swirling—palate-induced, sleep-deprived, haunting her instability…

“Why?” More demand than question.

“Maddy…” his sigh bypasses reason, facial tone butter yellow. “I’m back for farewell.”

“Why did you?”

“Just couldn’t anymore, Love.”

“Coward!” Madison screams; easel crashing also.

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“The Scream” image in title by Edvard Munch.

Dustus Post for One Stop Poetry… “Depression’s Last Curse”

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It’s Friday, which means a new post on One Stop Poetry by yours truly.

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Depression’s Last Curse

Won’t Find You

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Chance may enable
Continue novel lines
One day’s, “Eureka!”
Life dawns into mind

Could I learn?
Change through more bits
Not care about want
Smash patterns I quit

Driven rage neglects anyway
Family, friends, given more than my space
Cursing moods, hate my own face
Look and laugh, there’s never a break

Anxious though over
No confidence blamed
Finite feeling could never explain…

When time runs over
And with it me too
Leaving shy of nothing
When you don’t count
On broken heartache
Nor where exceptions
Won’t find you

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First Review of High School Asylum

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Hey Everyone.  I have some news to share…

Well, the waiting is over.  This first review of High School Asylum was posted this morning.

Click here to read the review…

Broken Jokes

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Cascading rage
Depression drains
Splines interpolating change

Other shore a pall refrain
Focused writing minds constrain
Lines from movies linger lame

Crushing forms, altered maze
Undertow lax plant life sways
Stifle time unsurfaced raised
Assuring blue shades
Sunk in games

At times believing life still sacred
Most alarming thoughts you fake then
Chances come though none are taken
Trusting broken jokes awakened