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Creative Blogger Award!

Posted in Blog, Blogging Awards with tags , , , on February 10, 2010 by dustus

Over many months I have become acquainted with the work of a blogger who shares with everyone so much creativity in multiple forms (poetry, song, film, visual art, culinary skill).  I have a ton of respect for his inventiveness, kindness, and dedication to creating interesting posts.  Sincere thanks to my friend, Kotko.

In presenting the award, his comment about me:  “A writer who constantly challenges me to think when i read his work.”
What a confidence boost!
I’m very grateful 🙂

I must now reveal 7 things about me.
Okay, here goes…

1) I’m shy, though not as bad as I used to be
2) I drink entirely too much coffee
3) I’m currently writing my third novel
4) I feel painfully unaware of world news
5) I have never read my work in public (except for writing pieces I used to share with my past classes anonymously)
6) I was thanked in Geneva (UNESCO) last year for building a presentation for a friend
7) I miss teaching