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The Arrow Shot (One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge)

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*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Today’s photomanipulation was created by photographer extraordinaire Claudio Mufarrege, guest interviewee for One Shoot Sunday.  All poets are welcome to take part in the challenge.

The Arrow Shot

If feelings could ever save me
Let it be right now
Birdsong evaporates to air
Your fall will not crash down

Life is no Titanic
Though barge in angles seem
Declining off corrosive walls
She spreads angelic wings

God, you think me simple
Love saves a human being
The arrow shot from Cupid’s bow
Piercing noble dreams

Park Place (One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge)

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Wind shielding world
Shadow valley track
Crossing over barriers
Rejuvenating path
Unwinding time
Forgone at last
Four wheels spinning
Forward fast
Speeding sounds
Not looking back

Fresh air feeling, peaceful, freeing
Altitude that’s made for dreaming

Sambas scrapping gravel sounds
Steps on brush, majestic grounds
Sit there, chill, look around
Winding road for coasting down

It’s only life we lose
Fleeting inspiration
In hills chosen for them
Natural perfumes, oil spills
Roadblocks missing
Her face kissing
All that happens
Proofing will

Change in mind
Life becomes growth
Journey may madden
Losing heart beside health

And to seldom remember
When midpoints to home
Can’t discover Park Place
Without ever passing go

*Image via Creative Commons—
The Library of Congress photostream.

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*Also, a special tribute on One Stop Poetry today… Chris G. graduates from MSU!
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A One Stop Poetry Welcome!

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I am pleased to announce two outstanding additions to the One Stop Poetry team! Come see the official welcome @
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