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Flinch’s Escape (Flash 55)

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Jacob Flinch wished his picture graced that milk cartoon. Dog, as nicknamed called, stands pouring over his target. Jake collapses from whiplashing punches from the bully’s wingman. Lunch ladies, cooks in hairnets, attempt breaking-up cheering twelve-year-olds, “Fight! Kick his ass!” Running vice-principal’s whistle cuts through enough bustling undivided attention. Once again, unfair suspension provides Flinch’s escape.

Care to take a listen?

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

That Pain (Flash Fiction 55)

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back to school
no bells, silence
mutual head nods
parent confides
“our son thinks
way too much…”
teacher shrugs
such bully, precautions
unknown inner lives
exhales sift hair
away from sullen eyes
nobody listens
he’s convinced
they won’t understand
tolerance zero, friendless
without ear to hear
that anxious pain
broke more than his nose

55 Fiction (nanofiction)

First Review of High School Asylum

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Hey Everyone.  I have some news to share…

Well, the waiting is over.  This first review of High School Asylum was posted this morning.

Click here to read the review…

A Holiday Story—excerpt from H.S. Asylum

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Aside from the incident with the delivery truck, I loved the holidays. My father really loved the holidays too. Bursting with constant energy and cheer, it was as if he went out of his way to make sure that everything was extremely enjoyable for all of us most years. Even though I didn’t always get a lot of presents, we spent a great deal of quality time together. Even before Abby was born, my father would go overboard acting like a goofball…

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new High School Asylum post on

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While I am still trying make sure the multilingual translating widget and visitor map work in all browsers, I posted some excerpts from the beginning of my 1st novel High School Asylum. Hope you enjoy!

Please excuse any current difficulties you may encounter with the new sidebar widgets. I keep tweaking as I’m speaking. lol Also, special thanks to Michael Duvall of WebDoctus for his technical expertise and help.