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When Tender Notes Weep (@Onestoppoetry’s Friday Poetically)

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When tender notes weep
Angels shriek throughout no sleep
Above shredding, cutting
8th notes erupting
She knows my love’s nothing
Truth bared beyond me

As rainfalls bleed, puddling greed
Opportunistic admittedly
Spilled guts, fallen dove
Lies lead history, I’ve had enough
Unbalanced, out touched
These sing songs of Love
Strongest than most tranquil drugs… 

Ineffectual odes to never mind
Did move me beyond, until out of time
While you are not nirvana
And I’m lost inside my mind

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*The above poem was just written for Brian Miller’s music prompt over @ One Stop Poetry Check it out! Everyone is always welcome to play along with the challenges.  Thank you


Dustus Friday on One Stop Poetry: Featuring SuziCate

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Today’s Dustus Friday on One Stop Poetry spotlights writer/poet, Susan Payne. Her featured poem is “Authenticity


Surf on over to One Stop and check it out.
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Happy Friday!

One Stop Poetry Dustus Friday Post—Blooms Alone

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Break over… I’m back 🙂

Feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Dustus Friday on One Stop PoetryBlooms Alone

Special Surprise Birthday Shout Out!

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Special surprise birthday shout-out to my friend and One Stop Poetry brother, Brian Miller. Stop on by and join the party!

You can also read Brian’s outstanding creative writing @ WaystationOne
*One Shoot Sunday will return next Sunday!

The Torch

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Divided by distant land
Bold beacon raised fire
Handle sparkling water
Desire reaching higher

Into fair morning
Vintage glowing sky
Breathing aware
Most subtle glare
Cooling mist
Calming air

As I stand in awe
Click a photo for all
Nothing like being
Thought pressing pause

The torch of light
Soon handing over noon
Thinking there is more to life
Searching through forgotten truth

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