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Mistaking Beauty (for week 12 Poets’ Rally)

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Human beings make horrendous mistakes
Though maybe one in time becomes
Something beautifully suggestive
Impossible to be redone

*”photo” by me
taken in Grand Rapids
As a result of last week’s rally, I wish to acknowledge The Happy Poet award and pass this one to Megz! Besides inspiring me to use the salutation “cheerios” when commenting on each others work, her use of language is amazing!  While I can’t help but be influenced by everyone I read and comment on;  when I read Megz work I think wow! this individual’s creativity with words is off the chart! In addition to the above award, I am also passing my Cross Cultures Poetry Award to her, which I feel is the award best exemplifying the spirit of the poetic blogging community.

Thank you, Jingle
Thanks Megz!
Update to the above post:
My Perfect Poet award nomination is slpmartin!
I think he’s a great poet and an insightful individual.

A Cerebral Heart to Share

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Cerebral Heart Inspiration Award:
I had to do this. Here it is…  Ta-da!
My attempt to create a blog award.
In my opinion, the nature of blogging and the community it inspires is inclusive, and thus encouraging.  My intention for this award is that it begin with ten individuals, to then be passed to others.


Accept this and please share it. However you do / is up to you

I would like to present the first cerebral hearts to kseverny, beth, shakira, doraz, Jingle, Martin, Megz, Leslie Moon, Leslie Paints, and William.

Spotlight Award!

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I plan to post later today, but first…
The Spotlight Award

How cool! Thank you, Doraz! Check out her blog @

The best thing about receiving a blog award is that it makes you aware of other bloggers you may not otherwise have read. Accepting this award, I would like to drop a few links here of bloggers I recommend checking out…