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“New Time” and Arts Web Show challenge

Posted in Blog, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , , on June 26, 2010 by dustus

Darkness blankets fainting light
Recalling being scared at night
What was there except for fright
Fearing scattered sounds alright?

Comforter over nose and sigh
Calm may drift to happy times
So much forgotten, your mind rewinds
Friendly functions, temperature climbs
Wishing days begin new time

Care to take a listen?


My friend Kseverny over at The Arts Web Show presented a poetic challenge to everyone. Like the Megzone, I decided to try. The idea was to listen to the music and freewrite, let go, write whatever comes to mind the best you can to the following tune…


Don’t conceal, Music surreal, rainstorms, sharp hail, original steal
Preluding piano, confounding emotions, destiny discovers melodic oceans…

Shreiking guitar, shredding sole, fading ripples, vibrato, echo…

Break thudding beats, snare kicking cleats
Aware of receits, incompletes, brain a blank sheet…

Space without sound all around
Earbuds pound, explode, mind overload
Rhythm driving, insides thriving
Minding the rhyme now slowly compiling…


inspiring… Yeah finding
Can’t keep up the speed, jeez
Life too brief, what to believe
short and sweet, instincts deceive
So it slows, go, feel the flow
transitional projects in hall-lit glow
Tangling fingers, keyboard strokes
Multilayered, instrumental, all she wrote
When you choke, heart not fake though always broke
Continuous rhyme, no lie zone
Writing, waning light, energy subsiding
Will this end?
Will I know?
I don’t show