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5 minutes ago… (Awesome) Just Read High School Asylum on my Kindle!

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(photo by Kimberly Lennox)

Today, I feel like I almost caught up to technology—at least for this moment as an author.  Realized today that nobody else has ever read my words back to me.  However, the Amazon Kindle just did, and I couldn’t put this device down.

I downloaded my debut novel entitled High School Asylum onto my Kindle for $9.95 directly from  It took less than 30 seconds to download. No waiting for UPS.  Rather, I took my Kindle with me to beautiful Lake Lansing (I didn’t check to see if it’s waterproof).

I absolutely could not wait to see if High School Asylum “looked good” on Kindle.  Yes, it did.  Then I bumped up the font size and tested the text-to-speech feature.  It was a really cool and different personal experience. I definitely liked what I saw and heard. While my traditional literary roots resisted it, I have to admit to enjoying the display of my work on a Kindle.

Please check out my book—on Kindle or in Paperback from  Sincere thanks for visiting The Dustus Blog!


High School Asylum is Released!

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Book One


It gives me great pleasure to announce that my first novel has now been officially released for sale.

In a few short weeks this novel will be made available on & through many other channels of distribution, including  &

To all the visitors of The Dustus Blog, I invite you to check out High School Asylum before anyone else.

Click on the Logo!


“Hearts One” a poem by Adam Dustus

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What makes us feel
Most alive
Insatiable hunger &
Thirst for life

Dreams of hope
Feast for the eyes
No longer sad
Content to stand by

At your side I found love
In friendship saved
Once hit rock bottom
You were always there
Kind words, soothed
Tender trace of a glare
Your caring grace
Beautiful smiles cross your face
Watching you enjoy our time
I am happy to see
The very best of you
Still in love with me
Inspired my writing
From the real thoughts you think
Warm openness, blest, you’ve made no requests
While I put the whole goddamn world upon me

Well, our day has come
We find ourselves
No longer at a loss
Many years earned
Two journeys
Hearts one