My Artistic Statement

paintinghsaI will do everything in my power to learn my craft, so I may develop a profound level of clarity in my literary work.

Aside from the great benefit to my being, well-crafted writing and exquisite melodic verse maintain tremendous potential for encompassing beautiful stark imagery and “otherworldly realism” —makes the familiar seem new.  I believe such writing transforms its author and audience.

I hold literature with deep respect.  The best way to show my appreciation for literature (as well as for humanity) is to perfect my craft and not be afraid to share the outcome of my creativity.

Writing is an art—it is also a mode of effective communication.  My writing goal is therefore to become so clear that the reader may experience moments when they immerse themselves in their own quality reflection.  Through opening up to the perceptions of characters and narrator, the reader finds an outlet for self-discovery through the chosen words of the author.

Throughout my artistic journey, I will enliven my mind and strive for an equanimity that is balanced by the excellence of doing my best work in multiple genres.  Every day brings opportunity for improvement.  Each moment in time is new.

Live, Love, and Write!  That’s what I’ll do!
—Adam Dustus

Painted Portrait
by Kim Lennox

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