H.S. Asylum: Special Thanks

I owe a great debt of gratitude to some amazing individuals, all of whom have shown great support and offered invaluable guidance in making my dream a reality.

High School Asylum is written in memory of my old teenage friend, Thomas Flynn. Throughout the years I have missed his friendship and never got to say goodbye.

To my parents, their support has kept me going.

To Laura Ann, your love and support inspire me. Through the worst of times, when I thought about quitting, you helped me to figure out the artist I want to be, as well as who I am as an individual. You really are an amazing person.

To Keven Lupien, you are a kind and gifted artist. Your websites & illustration are amazing. http://2pitch.com

To Chad Bennett, your class and creativity has helped me tremendously. You are a great teacher and talented designer. Thanks for your help.

To Jim Redding, your advice improved the layout of H.S. Asylum. I am grateful to you.

To Constance Conklin, your advice regarding the In & Out of Line cover helped me to tweak the final compositions.  You also helped me understand what may constitute quality design.

Finally, to my past students, your smiles, laughter, and concern helped me realize that yes, I am a writer!  Many mornings and afternoons, my students made me feel important to them.  I cherish my classroom experience.

High School Asylum is now available!
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2 Responses to “H.S. Asylum: Special Thanks”

  1. Truthful words, some unadulterated words man. You made my day!

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