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New Podcast… High School Asylum excerpt “Jenny’s Essay” on School Shootings

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This “documentary-style” podcast illuminates the essay “My Generation’s Lost Soul” by Jennifer M. McGhee, sophomore at Skyview High School. (Running time approx. 6 mins.)
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Confused American

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Can we stop juxtaposing progressive social health care policy in the United States to Nazi Germany and the atrocities of war?

Perhaps it’s just me, but forcing millions of human beings into gas chambers and slave labor is not the same as trying to improve the quality of life through providing access to medical treatment.  Besides, I have a hunch that if Hitler were alive today (making him 120 years old) he would detest Obama, me, Mel Brooks’ movies, and the rest of us stewing in the melting pot of America.

Dear Barack…Signed, Ted

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I watched Obama‘s speech last night and was very moved by the following letter from the late Ted Kennedy.

May 12, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

I wanted to write a few final words to you to express my gratitude for your repeated personal kindnesses to me – and one last time, to salute your leadership in giving our country back its future and its truth…

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Education News: New Illustrated Book Helps Children Understand Autism

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Marsha Rae Osborn Tells Story of Compassion, Acceptance in New Children’s Book

MADISON, Ala., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — “Understanding Jason” (published by AuthorHouse), the new book written by Marsha Rae Osborn and illustrated by DeOnna Mills, tells the story of a group of typical students who learn from their teacher how to accept and help an autistic student, Jason, fit in with their class…

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source: Reuters
Wed Sep 9, 2009 8:40am EDT

Weather a Compliment

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Summer blend
Becoming fall
Revealing leaves
Full color awe

Midair spun
Slowed in sways
Lifeless leaf lay…
Shrivel away

Crisp dewy air
Chill enthralls
Decomposing carotenoids
Before Santa Claus

Exhale dense
Watch your breath
Transforming foliage
Fire scent

Cooling heart
Mellow sharp change
Weather a compliment
Earth bursting shades
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