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The Arts Web Show… Video Result of the Humorous Poem Contest

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If you’ve been following my work a long time, or know a thing or two about the blog scene, then you’ll probably recognize Richard North (aka Kseverny) and his 1-man cast of characters known as The Arts Web Show from out of the UK.

Richard & I have known each other since I began posting online, and truth be told (I’ve said this before), his continuous encouragement helped me through what was a rough beginning to blogging. In fact, his encouragement challenged me to be more creative and made me reconsider quitting.

Anyway, a few weeks ago when I hosted One Shot Wednesday, I announced a humorous poem contest. In the spirit of good fun, many poets submitted poetry for the consideration of having it read in a creative way in an Arts Web Show skit—for which Richard does all the production & continues to build a following.

Eric Alder

To make a long story short, I forwarded all the entries to Richard without names attached, and he selected a poem by poet, writer, and photoblogger Eric “Bubba”Alder for a creative poetry reading.

*It will also be my pleasure to spotlight Eric on One Stop Poetry, which will be posted at noon EST. So stay check that out later today.

Check out The Arts Web Show…
Click Here 4 The Arts Web Show: Episode 7 entitled “Happy days”

Thank You!


Sunday Morning Quickie (humor? 55)

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Now that I’m much older and wiser, I’ve discovered lovemaking is all about timing—like knowing when your wife won’t be home. Seriously, I’ve been told multiple times that I’m an animal in the sack. Yep, that is 100% true. After all, I grunt, growl, and scratch before waking up to the smell of food.

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

Relationship Talk (humor? 55)

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Let’s talk about relationships, shall we? Okay, I’ll start… Used to consider myself a hopeless romantic. However, my last girlfriend said it was hopeless that I could ever be romantic. Guess I wasn’t attentive enough. Consequently, we began to communicate less. For instance, while I watched television in bed, she wouldn’t stop texting her boyfriend.

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)