Advice to Young Writers

Reach inside yourself and unearth who you are.  “Your Voice” is yourself.  That is the journey that pays way more than material wealth.  After all, I’m not sure of who I even am half the time; yet I feel more like “myself” when that voice reminds me of who I am like an old friend.

What I do know is that I am growing, changing, and realizing my dreams.  Now I suspect I’m not the only person who ever dreamed of writing a book.   Oh yes, it is possible to realize your dreams, but it takes dedication, determination, friends, acquaintances, real good conversations…and of course a little luck.profile

So respect it, your writing that is, your craft.  Learn from literature all you can and be courageous and willing to begin your masterpiece!  I use many sketchpads and erasers when shaping my novels.  Trust me, few things you do will come out effortlessly.  Stick with it and be willing to create something totally unique that could only come out of your vision and imagination.  That’s what keeps me going.

Be willing to seek because writing is an inner search.  Thousands of different reminders and emotions will become your guide.  I do not know how else to put it: writing is different for every individual.  Isn’t that what makes writing, and all of art for that matter, a means toward greater self-understanding?
–Adam Dustus

7 Responses to “Advice to Young Writers”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I really need to read your book High School Asylum. It’s practically my life, so I need to read that story. Is their anyplace else I can get a copy like a bookstore? Is it in print? I tried in Barnes and Noble, but they said they couldn’t find it because it was either not in print or it was foreign. I need to find! Oh, and I’m also a writer, I’ve been published a few times, but one day I want to be a famous author and poet, writing is my passion!

    • Johnathan, thanks for the kind words and honesty. It’s in print now and ships in 48 hrs. Just click on some of the store logos on the blog. At this time, High School Asylum is only available via Buy Books on the Web—which is print on demand. It will be available through, among many other online retailers in about 4-5 months. I wish I could speed that up, but it’s beyond my control. Going into B & E and asking about it helps my cause. Book stores can order now through Infinity Publishing. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I believe in my book and hope others will relate.

      Just to let my blog readers know….Buy Books on the Web ships very high quality copies. I am impressed with their service. They have earned my endorsement.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Thanks! I’ll be waiting, although the wait will drive me crazy 🙂

  3. Your advice for young writers is well put, Adam. As a creative writing teacher, I emphasize the importance of VOICE and determination to keep with it and take risks for unique writing style. Can’t wait to read H.S. Asylum!

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    wish I’d read this a life-time ago. Art is more than the final result it is the “doing” – the journey as you so adeptly phrase it.
    As always, thanks for being out there an encouragement to others

  5. Thank you, Leslie. I wrote this back in September 09 and haven’t looked at it in a while. After about 200 posts, I think my editing skills have improved. The next time I write something similar, I must include the influence of blogging.

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