Adam Dustus: So began my writing career…

“What is this quintessence of dust?” Thanks for the quote, Shakespeare. I figure you’re the perfect writing prompt to kick off my blog! Away we go…

Well, I don’t think I’m much like Hamlet, but then again maybe we all are a bit. Rather, I am a creative writer of both fiction and poetry. I am also a graphic artist who spends much of his day learning new Adobe software–love all the CS3s, especially Photoshop and Illustrator. I work hard to improve my drawing skills. So I’ll probably blog mostly about what it’s like being a writer, but I don’t want to limit my art. So I need to talk a little digital technology too. But first, three cheers for this digital age and its lightening quick means of mass communication. Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip…you get the idea. I’m a textbook computer nerd, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only creative type out in cyberspace. Plus, I love sharing stories. That’s why I write.

newpicYou can expect my blogs to mix thoughts of digital artistry alongside my literary intentions. However, I’m a political junkie and addicted to watching news shows from other countries, not just my own. I consider that something “fair and balanced” considers other cultures besides my particular limited perception of the world. I believe we learn most from our individual and social differences. Furthermore, our human reward, our very life on earth, is a blessing when mutual understanding and respect is the goal. I believe in human and civil rights that is the just deserve of every moment of everyone’s life.

I also believe that experience is Life’s greatest teacher. I can claim that I was a teacher in a former life, or so it seems in retrospect, as if a lifetime ago.  As a former educator, a middle and high school instructor of language arts, my students taught me to follow my dreams. With my self-doubt inhibiting me, they still managed to convince me that I was a writer. I shared my work with them secretly, disguising my poems and short stories in front of the class— hiding behind the nonexistent label of “Anonymous.” To make a long story short, the positive reactions of my students to my writing infused in me a determination to write all the books I had already planned in my head.

I owe a lot to all my former students. I wish them all incredibly joyful lives and hope they are proud of me.

So began my writing career… I resigned as an educator and began to live and write my dreams. I blame my students for that one. Thanks, guys! Here’s to you.

-Adam Dustus

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2 Responses to “Adam Dustus: So began my writing career…”

  1. Ha–the students ‘teaching’ the teacher something invaluable! What a wonderful story.

  2. It seems I wrote this so long ago…. Time is flying by. My students offered great feedback on books and literature. Their candidness was priceless. Most were not afraid to tell me exactly what they liked and hated reading. lol

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