Old Habits

I can watch the stars shine
Almost any night that’s clear
Wonder from warm moonshine
Until it draws a tear

I can spend my whole life searching
For proof that love is true
But something I can’t seem to do
Is fix how I lost you

3 Responses to “Old Habits”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Very beautiful and sad too Adam. Strange how it seems the feeling of having lost something can plague the thoughts. Perhaps like moonshine ☺ …having had much pain occur over the course of years it has been a struggle to realign myself, rediscover the old happier me. Still a work in progress. Oddly enough not all bad, or sad, comes without some reason. Sometimes it can be hard to find the reason but it is there. I like how your words bring me within and for me they sort of acknowledge the opposite of that ending line of having lost in the flow of words preceding them. A life search for the true…a continuum. That to me is not one that has lost… ☺ just feels that way.

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