The Reason I Write

Don’t leave love
Whispers fade, our time
No bell curves
Nor lines heard
Could never explain to you
The reason I write

Would you care to hear a reading of this poem?

*The above poem is my attempt at the Shadorma form.

“Shadorma is a 6 line poem (sestet) of Spanish descent with no set rhyme scheme. The shadorma is a syllabic poem with the following structure: 3/5/3/3/7/5”

Learn more about the Shadorma & try one today @ One Stop Poetry Form Monday – guest host Anne Welch

21 Responses to “The Reason I Write”

  1. Deep lines here Adam, and more said in the unsaid. Like this form a lot, and the reading was emotion fuelled

  2. Although I don’t write form, I really do like this one. Your voice added just the right feel to it.

  3. Just Poetry Says:

    I love this form, so much said in so few words. You put a lot of emotion into this. Thanks : )

  4. “could never explain to you” is heartwrenching… I like this Shadorma form and it is great for you, because you say so much in a few words.

  5. Always concise, your use of the form is masterful. I think you like it too. I find it’s a useful way to build a sort of free verse stanza. The push down to syllables layers the ambiguity while still retaining the emotion. Well done here, Dustus. Gay

  6. How true…one cannot fully express the reason…maybe madness…for why we write…nice expressed my friend.

  7. moondustwriter Says:

    Yes – why do we do it?

    Shadorma or anything…
    Well put my friend

  8. Cool lines here Adam, loved your write 🙂

    all the best
    marinela x

  9. Great voice, touch, and honest delivery. Liked it!

  10. Love this. It’s funny, as much as we write, we can’t seem to write out the reasons WHY we do.

  11. It’s because that is who you are.

  12. nicely said…or not said..this one leaves the reader a bit wanting, but in good way ~

  13. You have spoken for all of us…


  14. . . . the fact is poets throughout history spend an enormous amount of time and energy exploring the reasons why they feel compelled to write. The amount varies depending on who you listen to . . .

    85% to a statistician, perhaps.
    No more than half, to someone vaguely familiar.
    Most, to a politician (without teeth)
    All, to a politician (with teeth)

    Personally, I like the sounds you make with the words you write and your attempt at the gentle shadorma format is charming.

    Thanks, RR

  15. Ahh, yes…and still, they keep asking…love your one shot.

  16. I can’t explain it either. 🙂

  17. Oh wow! “No bell curves/ no lines heard”–so lovely! Perfect reflection on the how there’s no explanation for why we write.

  18. People who are loved..recieve love..are so lucky. But most just squander this treasure away….not knowing what they have..

  19. I really enjoyed this, especially your reading of it. Your voice sounded booming in an echo kind of way.

  20. I appreciated your words. I often try to find reasons also instead of letting it just be part of the fabric of me. Well written, thank you!

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