Your Lame Balloon

Sphere filled with tears
Dead weight upon the ground
Gravity finally found an anchor
Lemon has touched down

As I deflate
You levitate
Letting go
Hot air

My life won’t fly
Away with you!
Don’t want to stay
Your lame balloon

Would you like to hear me read this poem?

*The above poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by the amazingly talented photographer Lauren Randolph. She is the featured artist today on One Stop Poetry. Check out her interview with Chris G.

43 Responses to “Your Lame Balloon”

  1. A “lame” balloon–now that’s an unexpected description of a balloon. Makes me stop and think about the ways in which a balloon can be lame. Ha.

  2. Makes me see a very clear picture of a relationship where one person overshadows the other. Feeds off them and takes away their identity. Interesting interpretation of the photo.

  3. Appreciate your comment, Eileen.

  4. I would have to agree with Eileen on this one. Interesting take, feeding off the identitiy of another. Yet how often this truly happens in little ways.

  5. betweenhearts75 Says:

    πŸ™‚ A friend here with a hand to help you down Adam, keep those feet on solid ground! ~ Well done dear friend! Love the photography too! ~April

  6. a not so obvious take on a bright colorful photo… nice.
    especially “as I deflate
    you levitate”


  7. As I deflate you elevate
    coming from different directions

  8. Great take Dustus…the opposites …agreed with stated comments…sounds like one finally let go of a relationship that clearly was not healthy for them….and like April said…keep those feet solid.. there is a lot of hot air floating around…bkm

  9. gravity found an anchor…NICE!now if only my ex could do the!good stuff!

  10. A ‘Sphere fulled with tears’ so sad. This relationship has become grounded like a lead ballon, whilst the other half flies off full of air and free. Very clever poem Adam πŸ™‚

  11. oo nice barbed write dude…nah dont want to be dragged along at some ones feet…this was a fun prompt man, you and chris rocked it this week…

  12. lemon has touched down…infers a sour situation. Nice.

  13. Going beyond the obvious and taking me with you. Love it.

  14. hi adam, still shining with your original poetry.
    to know the cause of my absence , welcome to my blog.

  15. Ah, but can she let go?

    Good one, Adam.

  16. Liked the focus on the balloon and its lack rather than on the girl and her ebullience.

  17. thanks for the giggles, Adam!

  18. Nice one! Love the title, made me smile and consider many things, but ultimately, the write led me to where I was supposed to go, concluding the last place you should be is chained to any wrist. Expect the unexpected, loved it.

  19. Here he coooooooomes, that’s Cathy’s….


    lame balloon.

    Never mind. πŸ˜‰

    • When you see me shed a tear
      And when you know that it’s sincere
      Don’t you think it’s kind of sad
      That you’re treating me so bad
      Or don’t you even care
      β€”Cathy’s Clown (Everly Bros.)

  20. I love your take on the picture!

  21. It’s about time someone wrote the balloon’s POV here. I almost did, but it was…lame. I really like the attitude here, my friend, especially that cut about the other levitating as you deflate–definitely watched that happen. Excellent finish, too.

  22. I really enjoyed this poem, Adam. I really like the ambiguity of the line “Away with you!” It works finishing the line before it and as an independent line, and it has implications for the overall meaning either way! Very nice! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my site this past Wednesday.

  23. My favourite Sunday treat…

    I love the viewpoint you chose for this monologue – the voice of the poor lame balloon… but as I read on, I realized it was not the balloon at all, just someone who feels like the helium has gone from his life, now his lover has moved on. Loss is so painfully felt, when the words are heard in your spoken voice. Thanks for a great One Shoot.

  24. excellent…maybe a little too ..well you know…but i thought the comment above (kerry) was spot on…cheers pete

  25. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Love the gentle push and pull I felt as I read this poem, great job!

  26. super– honest and cleanly written. xj

  27. I read it as a love song..or a blues song written in lemon by a balloon. Well done!

  28. brilliant, brilliant take on this one…so admire the first stanza ~ powerfully said, but with a bit of poets.. ~

  29. Really like what you did with the photo prompt…gave it a fine meaning.

  30. ‘don’t want to be your lame balloon’ ~ reminds funnily enough Iggy POP !
    when he sings I don’t wanna be your dog’ ~ so best to POP that notion πŸ™‚ ~ fantastic Adam ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  31. Ha! The ending stanza really made a nice ending twist – added a grin of pride and amusement. Some people, they just drag you down…no need to stay attached as such if all they’re doing is bringing you down…lame balloon indeed! Fun little piece…now go out and get something better than a lemon my friend!

  32. As usual, you talented beast, you have outdone yourself !
    Well done !

  33. Love that you posted a voiced reading also. Fun poem.

  34. Love the word pairings in this, especially “lame balloon” – excellent.

  35. A wonderful take on that photo.

  36. Wow-quite an unexpected take on the prompt! I always appreciate a poem that takes me somewhere unexpected and yours definitely did! Great imagery with the ups and downs. I’ll have the phrase “lame balloon” in my head for a while. But now I’m questioning my own perception–I just wrote something about the balloon being green (kinda limey). Hmmm

    • Thank you. Glad you stopped by. I tried to leave comment on your blog, but was getting a 503 message. Liked what you did with the prompt! Wrote a long comment, that was then lost because of the error 😦

      Yellow or Green. I actually thought about it. And it was bothering me. I then let Photoshop decide objectively. Sampling the balloon string turned up yellow. The glowing fringe of the balloon seems yellow yet it’s bulk greenish. My guess is the light is messing with it a bitβ€”perhaps back fence in combo with frosted material. IDK lol Yes, I’m a dork and it does look green

  37. what a drag it is being cold πŸ™‚

  38. i miss me some dustus this week..

  39. Stupendous Write!! No one wants to be that deflated sense of ones self or what is left over after the Air goes out of it.. Awesome write…

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