Concentrated Backwash – #FridayFlash

Beside myself, this hack saw the arcade; skeeballing hours roll, earning red cross lifeguard wife beater.  Ahhh, oceanside—Na+, spawn,
crustaceans crawling… High-strung tentacle.

Hear sonorous billows drift. Bobbing weight lunatic. Mistaken tampon for sea life. There! Culture germinates flotsam in shallow glass bottom petri.  Seething, concentrated backwash—sorry, couldn’t help thinking of Snooki.

Care for a Flash Fiction Reading?
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55 Fiction piece (in 55 words), then please come tell G-Man.

35 Responses to “Concentrated Backwash – #FridayFlash”

  1. You and G-Man musta been channeling each other- that’s spooky! 🙂

    • Not sure where G’s muse came from this week. As for me, let’s all stare at Simon & Schuster for a second and… well, try to fugetaboutit

  2. A most interesting shoreline created with these lines…not sure I want to go to this beach….a fine array of images.

  3. you’re scaring me. You and G-man.

  4. I’ve seen a photo of snooki, but never actually have seen the show.

    Be nice if poeple would take care of their garbage. All beaches are littered.


  5. Yikes! That is why I prefer Ocean Isle to Myrtle. My favorite line: “Culture germinates flotsam in shallow glass bottom petri” . Very nicely crafted and gets to the heart of your prose. I, for one, do not “get” the attraction of Jersey Shore. Oh well.

  6. An in-toxicating 55 to be sure. But as always…a good write!

  7. Did you drop some acid at Huntington Beach?
    What a shot-gun blast of images!!
    You Rocked this one Dustus…
    Great 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!!

  8. LOL more like Jägerbombs at Point Pleasant.
    Always a pleasure, G. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for hosting.

  9. … so over my head. I take it you don’t like Snooki’s writing?

  10. LOL …check out the link and judge for yourself.

  11. holy crap dude…your wordplay is frickin top notch…ugh tampon for sea life…ugh…

  12. Makes me glad I live in a landlocked state if this describes the beaches! Mine is here.

  13. Snooki is absolutely terrifying. I’m afraid I’d take a hatchet to her in 15 seconds and need to be balied out.

    Where I live, we call creatures like her “hemlock”. Rip it out, into the trash, the world is a better place. I prefer real women who haven’t hacked themselves to pieces – and are still miserable, I mght add.

  14. avoid the clap Says:

    Maybe you should do Friday Flash 35. It seems 55 is hardly a challenge for you. That was really a joy to read. It isn’t every day a blog post greets me with the image of a smiling tampon.

  15. Hey, they’re just trying to cash in like any corporation would.

  16. Your words come hitting like bullets!
    So powerful and with “claws”.. Is that the book which is doing this?

    Sending you weekend wishes

  17. Heavens- no wonder I don’t like arcades and Seasides together anymore!

  18. you really have captured life on the jersey shore!

  19. This is hilarious!

  20. The words almost falling over each other to get out first build a tempo thats intriguing and at the same time disturbing and reminds of something..Nice one Adam.

  21. adam, I must take you to task–while your 55 was exquisite and spot on, I know I’ve lost brain cells clicking on that link and reading Snooki’s lit crit, not to mention being forced to picture her and the Exaggeration in a hot tub! C’mon guy–I’m old–I only have so many left.

    • I offer an abject apology, J.A. *busts out laughing*
      In all fairness though, we cannot blame Snooki entirely. After all, there is a major publisher, agent, and ghostwriter involved here—you know, those who obviously feel it incumbent upon themselves to preserve the absolute best of literary culture.

  22. Totally gross (yet engrossing) 55, Adam!

  23. moondustwriter Says:

    you and G were synchronized? Scary thought

    goodness Adam what a 55

  24. so much on offer in this………an absorbing read (lol)… seriously though very well done …and in 55…adam you are on fire

  25. Flotsam and jetsam. I can picture this!

  26. ..laughing..the whole “mistaken tampon for sea life” just cracks me up (but kinda true in the muck around here, oy!).. amusing 55~

  27. not sure if i should laugh or cry…chose to…cool write adam..

  28. …”Bobbing weight lunatic”…is more like how i felt when I was finished with it. Very interesting. Having fun with my first 55.

  29. powerful dustus.. here is my poetic 55… a dream she is… a kiss seals it…

    Someone is Special

  30. you truly showed that words have power.

    well done.

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