“His Break” ( #FlashFiction )

4 am in Times Square pizzaria. I’m chasing plain slices with large drafts, catching a buzz beside stars…

“Fugetaboutit!  It’s art… Play with your heart! …Play with your soul! …Play with your goddamn balls!”

Fist-bumps. Hacking laughter…

“Listen, Slim. My break’s over.”

Danny hugs his musician brother; then returns to toss a pile of dough.

Care for a Flash Fiction Reading?
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55 Fiction piece (in 55 words), then please come tell G-Man.

40 Responses to ““His Break” ( #FlashFiction )”

  1. I wish I had a pile of dough — preferable a whole was of Ben Franklins!

    Whooohooo, One Stop Portry rocked NYNY!!


  2. wad of Bens, I meant to write — talk about beer buzz. 🙂

  3. haha…but it was the best pizza in NYC right? and inspiring as well…play with yer balls…lol

  4. Great images. Love these 55’s that let the visual imagination see the setting.

  5. I like the souvenir–the best ones are always people–and people with NYC accents, beer and pizza really make for ones you can’t easily forget. Many congratulations on a well-deserved award, and glad you guys got to party together non-electonically.

  6. Reminds me of my garage band supporting days.

  7. Miss those times when being up at 4am was the norm.

  8. loved the imagery! lovely!

  9. The City that Never Sleeps!
    New York Pizza….The best!
    Congrats on you Guys’s Award Bro…Awesome!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. I ate pizza twice today… and this post just makes me want more. 🙂

    “Fugetaboutit” is always a fun word to say.

    Thanks for another Friday 55!
    Mine’s here. 🙂

  11. Believe ME, I just KNOW the thrill of finally MEETING some of these blogger, especially the ones you work with in cyberly fashion.
    Dus–your comment had me laughing so hard, I laid an egg…ends all commenting about which came FIRST! I got the EVIDENCE!

    Nice 55, But HEY, I never DID like doughnuts with beer or booze–maybe that was an inside joke???

    • J. Funster’s always praising beer and doughnuts on her site. Coffee works better for me when it comes to those treats. LOL on the egg. GMan’s 55 cracked me up too!
      Thanks, Steve!

  12. Dustus…I forgot! Mine is HERE

  13. love pizza for a treat on some occasions,

    yummy and witty 55.

    Glad to see you shine in NYC…you are super hard working and loyal..keep up the excellence, bless your writing and future efforts…

    Happy Weekend.

  14. You had me giggling. Then there was pizza talk and all giggling stopped. Pizza is serious business. I think I need to go make some…. now where’d I put the beer for the crust?

  15. moondustwriter Says:

    Ha – when I got into New York it was late even for NYC standards. It was a brewski or Italian.

    That’s Italian!!!

    Great week A how can we top it???

  16. Brothers are cool. Good Flash, Adam!

  17. A very fun flash!
    Friday seems to be the day to unwind so we jam it on Saturday n Sunday- yeah man…

    Congratulations again on your award Dustus!
    Hugs xxx

  18. Enjoyable, good-use-of-voice story. Made me smile.

  19. It’s not pizza on my mind at 4am…

  20. I’m often awake at 4am – sometimes enough to write 55 words! LOL

  21. sounds like a real “flash” Friday…mad props to you and the crew…”of all the gin joints…”…glad I made it here

    Peace, hp

  22. Sounds like well-rounded advice. I do miss those NY nights when sleep is an afterthought.

    Also, meant to tell you I loved what you said when you accepted the Shorty. Very generous. And you didn’t look nervous at all.

  23. Love the humour and spirit of place here… Well done in 55.

  24. D’oh! (LOL!) Nice 5, Adam!

  25. Or 55 even! (D’oh again!)

  26. I really like this! It has a great feel.

  27. Very nice indeed…loved the reading!

  28. authentic 55 … great commentary for every artist to remember..Cheers on Shorty!

  29. Adam, I would like to add a spoken word widget to my blog page for a few of my poems. Could you tell me which site you use to convert your recorded file to the html script needed to upload the widget?

  30. Gosh, I haven’t been out at 4AM ( except before retirement to respond to sexual assault cases! ) in twenty years. I think places in San Francisco all close at 2A…except a few Burger Kings!

    You are so funny!

    My 55 is at:


    Have a great and happy weekend!

  31. hm music and art and the NY scene, gotta go back,
    fast paced 55 with hidden images, mine is slow and quiet HERE

  32. Good slice! rich and true.Thanks-

  33. nice – loved listening to you read this one! also made me kinda hungry…

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