Venus reads Wittgenstein (#FlashFiction)

Burnt coffee and B.O. headache. Inside it rains; drips into scattered pails. Spectacled, natural beauty who reads Wittgenstein on break slips into the storeroom; then returns past with semi-transparent white trash bags stretched from empty cups and pastry. Venus takes out the garbageβ€”I muse, convinced the yuppie broker wraps her life in birthday fur.

Want to hear me read this one?
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, then please come tell G-Man.

39 Responses to “Venus reads Wittgenstein (#FlashFiction)”

  1. A most interesting portrayal of her life in these fine lines.

  2. You’ve packed a lotta punch into these 55 words- a feast for the senses, as it were. My favorite quote of his?

    “A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push. “

  3. She is an interesting lady, seems very mulit-dimensional, a Star worthy of tracking….nice work Dustus…bkm

  4. birthday fur…love your play with words adam…nice capture of the moment…

  5. shewriting Says:

    so many senses wrapped around and drawn through…who is this woman…we shall never really know I suppose πŸ™‚

  6. the collective Says:

    metaphorically full.

  7. Now, that is just wild, Adam!

    I’m not divulging what I used to slip into the storeroom on break for, let’s just say it had nothing to do with white plastic bags and birthday fur — more like the B.O. that brought on the headache. πŸ™‚


  8. Fascinating. It certainly does an effective job appealing to the senses. I can almost smell the B O! Mine is here.

  9. I’ve read many times, and smile, every time ~ you’ve captured so much with so little. birthday fur ~ ’tis on every cafe worker’s thoughts who reads Wittgenstein, love it!

  10. Do you think in metaphors? Your are one deep dude brother!
    And a great writer….And speaker!
    Excellent 55 Adam.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  11. witty 55.
    birthday fur…love the imagery of the line,
    well done.

  12. the observer is observant…very…”I muse”, yes you do

    Peace, hp

  13. Hmm.. some peep into her life..
    She seems to be smart one- with many dimensions within her thoughts!


  14. O I adore the concept of a love goddess taking out the trash!!!! The sublime with the mundane. Great!

  15. I want to see what’s in her purse! If she has one, that is.

    Loved reading this, Adam.

  16. Love, love that Venus wears glasses, reads Wittgenstein, and takes out the trash! You paint a wonderfully vivid, detailed, and off-beat portrait of this cultural icon. Can’t say enough about how much I dig this! Fantastic 55!

  17. you genius have greater issues than I can ever decipher… Venus is SHE?

  18. Looked up Wittgenstein that helped with the ambiance of this 55. Some days I am in the mood to hurt my mind in a coffee shop reading philosophy (it would hurt because my synapses only snap half as good as they used to). Great atmospheric write.

  19. This one’s garbage, Adam – LOL!

    So your body odor is so bad it’s giving you e headache?
    (My God! Go shower, man!)

  20. Hello Dustus, just wanted to drop in to say hello and let you know how much I enjoyed reading, and listening to your amazing words. What a picture you painted in this one. I could plainly picture the love goddess gathering up the trash and taking it out. Sorry, I am not on so much now, but I am busy doing the Lord’s work that He has for me to do. I think He knows that I needed to keep very busy in order to deal with not having Larry with me anymore. You take care my young friend, and I will drop in again when time permits me too. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, your friend Vi

    • Hi! You seem in good spirits and I am glad, Viola πŸ™‚ Always appreciate your compliments. More importantly, happy to hear you’re not idling through your time. My best to your family. Love, A

  21. You packed a lot in so few words…

    Here is mine:

  22. I don’t begin to undestand this one, but what I do like about it is the image it creates, in my mind, of this woman

  23. I really like this! That first line puts you right there immediately.

  24. Very Sensual Adam..

  25. A great stage set with the morosely dripping buckets for the multidimensional office slave cum Venus, woman for all seasons, philosophical and practical. Lovin’ birthday fur.
    Most excellent 55, adam.

  26. moondustwriter Says:

    Love the metaphorical fused with the mundane
    an intriguing one my literary friend


  27. Bustling effect rush of details. Good piece!

  28. BO headache, can’t say I’ve ever had one…in my youth, I had a few hangover headaches! Love your writing. How’d you get Venus to take out the trash? Lucky man.

    Mine is at:

  29. Great interpretation. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I like that – a Venus who takes out the trash. You layer a character beautifully in 55 words, dustus!

  31. fabulous 55, Adam. i, too, love the visual of a Venus who takes out the trash. your words are always amazing.

  32. Oh maaann.. what a life!! But then again, she isn’t complaining…at least she gets to read her books in there…
    What a character definition here, Adam… your mastery at wordplay KILLS ME!! Just too good!

  33. Doctor FTSE Says:

    Great 55. I have to haul out my trash myself . . .

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