Theatre of the Absurd

Final Act
(across background)

Elvis-attired Andy Kaufman

Crowns Hulk Hogan

Folding chair concussing!

(Center-staged, foreground)

“Can’t afford my funeral

Nobody’s home

Life’s meaningless

Stop with Nostradamus!

Nobody’s coming


To cardboard homes

Pozzo not-so Lucky

Words POOF…

polluting wind”

(He crumples script
Then takes out cell;
Texts girlfriend
Meets her at coffee shop

Care for a reading?

*The above Flash Fiction 55 (microfiction in 55 words) is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge.

The prompt is courtesy of photographer Jacob Lucas. He is featured today on One Stop Poetry. Check it out. Please leave him a comment if you dig his work.  (The interview was conducted by Chris Galford).

33 Responses to “Theatre of the Absurd”

  1. Wow, wow, wow!! [Insert a few gratuitous profanities here]
    This is absolutely amazing, Adam. I love the idea of scripting the poem itself, stage directions and all. Such a piece of satirical wit, which strikes to the heart of modern passivity. The final line is priceless.

    I so enjoyed this…has given a decided boost to my Sunday morning.
    Alas, how will I ever come up with something to equal this…

  2. Thank you, Kerry 🙂 Give the pic prompt a shot. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. i had to write my One Shoot before reading yours because everything you write is so amazing i’d never have the courage to write one, too. this is brilliant, Adam. i love the stage directions.

  4. I just read yours, dani. Enjoyed it very much.
    Amazing photo! Jacob Lucas is incredibly talented.

  5. I wasn’t finished when you read mine. I added to it.

    You are always so creative, I love reading your prompts.

  6. Excellent work for the prompt. It weaves together in a sort of stage like tableau of the now with overtones of Fellini. Funnily enough I went a similar but more bizarre way with mine. Well done! Gay

  7. Your work is very intense, Adam. (I like that.) The touch with the crumpled paper… then it hit me… stage directions? Radio play effects in the audio? Yaaa! (See, I’m actually at a loss for words.)

    Had to read it again. And listen. I’m missing something. I’m hanging on something. What is it? I love the tension.

  8. nice poem! makes the exchange of talk so wonderful

  9. Fantastic and fun, Adam! The stage directions are a perfect touch! I love the man’s monologue! So campy!

  10. ha, nicely played adam…love that you set it as a play…forget me nots…a nice closing touch…

  11. Ok, just how much coffee did you drink before writing this! Good fun but the underlying meaning is a bit of a nudge too 🙂 Exit stage left…

  12. this was a very inviting prompt…yours was “well staged “…sorry

    I went from the audience view

    Peace, hp

    arghhh…twice I responded and it did not show…

  13. Concussing folding chair…classic. No wonder our brains get mushy with all the non sense on stage(that which is considered popular) while real world stuff does it’s act with no audience. Charlie Sheen?….bahhhhhh!

  14. Characters are always slipping into every day life, while the every day folks try just as hard to slip on stage!

  15. great write.the ending takes me back to the days of writing a piece,hating it,then needing the comfort of people outside my craft.

  16. Love the stage directions and the Man.

    The whole poem is so refreshing and riveting!


  17. What a excellent reading you provided for this poem…love the sound effects you included.

  18. i love that you crumpled the paper in the audio – how cool is that…and i loved the forget-me-nots

  19. Having seen the photo first, thought the title was brilliant, first and foremost, then, to take us through the absurdity to the coffee shop…from performance to realism in a harsh pull, yanking us out of the wormhole and planting us firmly back into what is. Each and every line, an image, perfectly detailed, moving easily from start to finish. We will certainly forget-you-NOT! 🙂

  20. Cracking me up with this one, adam. I’m thinking Pinter and Pinero would be proud.

  21. All the comments well-deserved, Adam. Unusual and creative approach to the prompt. I was particularly interested to hear how you would read it; the so matter-of-fact approach underscored the meaning.

  22. Elaine Spall Says:

    Nothing absured about it. Briliant. Take your applause!

  23. Great fun…love the “Stop with Nostradamus”…perfect end with the forget-me-nots…life is truly absurd…..bkm

    PS: Thank so much for listening to my Podcast…thanks it means a lot…bkm

  24. This was great fun, Adam. That ending had me cracking up.

  25. Ben Miller Says:

    Lovely – almost Dada(?) in its mixture of references and form.

  26. LOL, excellent, sensory-vivid work.

    Am not a big Andy Kaufman fan – he was too bizarre, even for my way-out-there taste (relative to whom, one may ask – good question). =)

    Still chuckling at this.

  27. Very entertaining post…the folding chair concussing line had me laughing for sure.

  28. Darn near brilliant, Adam.

  29. Really interesting!

    …Can’t afford my funeral…
    …Nobody’s home…
    …Life’s meaningless…
    …Stop with Nostradamus!

    Got a laugh here!

  30. Nice set up! spent time actually setting the scene…doing a little poetic blocking on the stage of words…look at me run with metaphor!! I like it Dustus…Nobody’s Coming…This week I spoke those two words many times…funny story surrounding, even more fun that the words popped up here.

    peace brother man

  31. I like the play format – interesting! I also enjoyed your reading (and the sound effects).

  32. Adam, I have unashamedly borrowed your style and used it in a poem of my own… I hope you don’t mind.

  33. Don’t mind at all, Kerry. I’m flattered. Cheers

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