Dante’s Dragon ( #Flash55 )

After following Dante
He froze in treachery
Maybe it’s Alaska—
Hell or New Jersey?  

No longer does he roll
With little Jackie Paper
Yet glacial wax wings
Stock up Pale Fire
Infernos spew
From his chest chamber

Thus, Puff’s Fate
Full circle, he’ll stand alone
Flame throwing coughs
Iced after thoughts
Judas, Satan, gravity
Coming down too
Lost irony

If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, then please come tell G-Man.

26 Responses to “Dante’s Dragon ( #Flash55 )”

  1. Hell’s Bells, it’s Alaska for sure, mate. (cough, cough)

    Poor dragon. He hasn’t got a chance of snowball in, well, hell. Awesome photo and nicely turned 55.

  2. Very playful and ironic.

    My 55 is HERE.

  3. Hell Michigan?
    That irony may be lost, but you sure found it!!
    Loved your photo, loved your 55!
    You Da Man Dustus…
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  4. Thanks for being an awesome host, G.
    I could never think of Michigan as hell.
    Kick-Ass Weekend back atcha!

  5. Are you saying Hell froze over?

  6. new jersey…snort…lol…love the inclusion of puff…i knew puff back in the day…cough, cough…um, wait we are talking about dragons…nice 55 dude….

  7. Handsome dragon, hard to take it as a fiery hell bent devil may care dragon though unless his breathe is as cold as ice — rather a good turn of phrases,
    I loved that song Puff the Magic Dragon… clever and whimsical

    • Thanks, Joanny. Without giving too much away, consider Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell. Perhaps him being frozen is just a product of environment. lol

  8. Oh, that rascal Puff!
    And what a glorious sculpture…
    Here be my dragons:
    Bacon-fat gravy

  9. Dragon appears to be humble! Clever play with words.. 🙂
    Nice weekend xx

  10. Great picture! How did you get Jersey and Treachery…so playful. Poor dragon, bursting with puff, but destined to melt away…just melt…it’s super, I read it again and again.

    Then I tried it without the picture and found myself stranded on the North Pole, having made it, out of food, knowing that this is it.

    Intruiging poetry, good reading.

  11. Irony, indeed! “Hell or New Jersey” made me laugh aloud. The strength of your language always strikes me, and it’s no less powerful here. The play on words, the unexpected–“iced afterthoughts.” Great 55!

  12. I have noticed in your words, a purpose for the reader, a slight push forward that requires thought…a fine trait to have

    Peace, hp

  13. forgive me but the line about hell or new jersey…

    i live close to NJ and have much occasion to interact with its denizens. that line sings to me. bwahahaha!

    the rest of the lines ain’t half bad either but that just made me chuckle.

  14. I just love that first stanza!

  15. No more frolicking in the autumn mist for that one!

    Nice 55, Adam!

  16. What a fate for a flaming, blustery dragon. Did you help in the construction of this creature. What fun that must have been!!! This certainly beats the average snow man. Someone deserves an A for creativity…and so does your 55.

    Mine is at:


    • I had nothing to do with the sculpting of the snow dragon—happened to drive by that and had my camera with me. The positioning of the sun at that time was pure luck.

  17. This has got to be one of my all time favorites of yours, adam. Your snow dragon seems a lot more comfortable to live with than those mean nasty snow hags. ;_)

  18. This was a fun read…very nice irony with the piece.

  19. Remembering a scene of New Jersey night winter forest I once saw in a show.

    What a firey spiral of little Jackie Paper’s Pickled Poetry Passion you have woven, Dustus!!! 🙂



  20. ha – love it – but be careful – as soon as he starts to spit fire the whole glory is melting away…smiles

  21. This whole line here really struck me.

    “Judas, Satan, gravity
    Coming down too
    Lost irony”

    Excellent! writing my friend. I very much love your imagery and the way you approach poetry.

    hi! sorry I came on your blog without me having to introduce myself.
    My name is “Charlie Zero”, I’m new on this wordpress.com

    I would like to invite you to check out my work as well.
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    Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Charlie Zero

    I subscribed to you…subscribe back to me.

  22. Well, one thing is certain, Adam.. this dragon is nowhere close to spewing fire!! Whheeww!
    But I just read Teresa’s 55… and there, she has compared dragons to her racing thoughts… so with that in mind, I really wonder if I wanna “unleash” this snowy dragon.. I mean I wouldn’t wanna keep my thoughts imprisoned in my head now…would I?!?! 🙂

    LOVED your 55, AD…. your words leave me spellbound…as ever!!

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