Ghosts of Grain Manor (Flash Fiction — One Stop Poetry Challenge)

*The following Flash Fiction is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This amazing prompt was shot by photographer Sean McCormick. He is featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday.

Gen Y Abe contemplates raining stars. Fargone, lost beneath a firmament of midnight purple—reminding him of indelible contusions…. 

Awaiting his father passing out, Abe addresses nobody, decrying boondock loneliness.

“OMG, are you hearing me?” 

Feelings penned like squawking hens expecting predawn feed 86 years after Old Man Preston hung himself from the warped grainery rafters.

Care for a reading?


*The above flash 55 was just written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. 

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32 Responses to “Ghosts of Grain Manor (Flash Fiction — One Stop Poetry Challenge)”

  1. Really like the story you crafted for this prompt…well done my friend.

  2. Such intrigue, so much history… nice.

  3. Seems to me a bit of the black tongue in cheek with a gothic touch here–really like it, adam.
    excellent image ->”…Feelings penned like squawking hens expecting predawn feed..”

  4. Brief but richly textured and what a story in so few words! Great shoot! Thanks, Adam.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Adam Dustus and One Stop Poetry, Dannie Susan. Dannie Susan said: RT @Dustus Ghosts of Grain Manor (Flash Fiction — One Stop Poetry Challenge) […]

  6. What a creative and inspiring response to the picture. You have crammed a world of narrative into a few short lines. Masterfully done.

  7. Oh no! How harrowing on the hens! Loved the succinct take Adam. Will have a go later

  8. Good to hear you read this, very nice dutus

  9. haunting and creative like the photo – excellently done adam – i like!!

  10. dude…the pic is psychodelic…and you just took it to a new level…i used to write songs on gravestone in the graveyard nearby so i can resonate…

  11. Great work. I can almost see them gathered , years after the event. You crafted the story after a story. Left us to imagine the continuation of the evening, lending us the creativity that you infuse and muster. I caught myself making coffee and smoking a pipe 20 mins after reading (and hearing) your work, and I was still imagining a story. You got me going! Great work Adam.

  12. Oo, snap! Got me on this one! I’m with hedgewitch on the tongue-in-cheek quality this has. The opening is lovely: “firmament of midnight purple.” And “feelings penned like squawking hens” is fantastic!

  13. Loved the angle…poor guy couldn’t wait any longer. Feelings, like squaking hens…never thought of it that way before.

  14. An amazing tale in so few words Adam!

  15. It’s a tale of desolation, overlaid with ghosts – fathers, suicides. It fits the photograph tightly and well. Nice one, Adam.

  16. Oh, I like this! I love the “boondeck loneliness” and the “Feelings penned like squawking hens”!

    I have to say, though, that i never thought I would see an Adam Dustus poem which included an oh-em-gee, lol.

  17. Wow. Good imagery.

  18. Adam, this is wonderful. Fantastic delivery, yet leaving room for my own imagination to provide even more of the story. Again, your use of language is something not easily mastered, and your vocabulary is one to be envied. Thanks for the write, may be it has inspired me to attempt the prompt!

  19. Nice..Quite a different take on the prompt this time

  20. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Such a story you weaved in such a short span. Haunting. Amazingly written!

    Here’s mine:

  21. You did it tight and eerie. This picture took us all to really dark places. Great work, my dear. Gay

  22. Very, very cool!

  23. What a fabulous story in 55 words! Wow. And it rings so ‘true’.

  24. Sorry to hear about the hanging. Now go feed those hens.

  25. signed .............bkm Says:

    NIice Dustus…”lost beneath a firmament of midnight purple-” beautiful image fitting the painting…..bkm

  26. Wheeww… that was vivid !!
    “indelible contusions” — loved the way you described those etched scars that seem to last forever…
    A superb response to this beautiful picture, Adam… kudos!

  27. Brilliant! Loved the reading, too.

  28. an amazing story in a few lines …. Kudos!

  29. …are you sure you didn’t lift this from a country song? Just kidding. But it COULD be one!

  30. “Abe addresses nobody”

    I liked the starkness of that, and the matter-of-factness.

  31. this was a great story…leaving much for the reader to interpret 🙂 “Feelings penned like squawking hens expecting predawn feed”…love how that line rolls off the tongue

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