When Tender Notes Weep (@Onestoppoetry’s Friday Poetically)

When tender notes weep
Angels shriek throughout no sleep
Above shredding, cutting
8th notes erupting
She knows my love’s nothing
Truth bared beyond me

As rainfalls bleed, puddling greed
Opportunistic admittedly
Spilled guts, fallen dove
Lies lead history, I’ve had enough
Unbalanced, out touched
These sing songs of Love
Strongest than most tranquil drugs… 

Ineffectual odes to never mind
Did move me beyond, until out of time
While you are not nirvana
And I’m lost inside my mind

Care for a reading?

*The above poem was just written for Brian Miller’s music prompt over @ One Stop Poetry Check it out! Everyone is always welcome to play along with the challenges.  Thank you


27 Responses to “When Tender Notes Weep (@Onestoppoetry’s Friday Poetically)”

  1. Adam a wickedly beautiful poem. The heart wrenching music of love captured poetically. Thank you for sharing.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Adam Dustus. Adam Dustus said: When Tender Notes Weep (@Onestoppoetry's Friday Poetically): http://wp.me/pnd9L-21z […]

  3. ”Truth bared beyond me” oh Dustus this so full of craving and unfulfilled love..

  4. when tender notes weep…wow…wow…wow..
    adam – for me the title would’ve been enough – it so hits the nail
    beautiful …many beautiful words to follow – but the weeping notes stick with me..

    • Thanks, Claudia. I could tell you had fun with yours, like some of your saxophone skill seeped into the lines. Nice.

  5. Sadness resonates in this one, love but on the rocks or unsure of itself?

    ‘ineffectual odes to never mind’

    What a corker of a line, cuts deep. But so confused. Amazing what you can get from a piece of music Adam!

    • Shan, it’s partly about being confused, if you drop the “conf” part. Definitely sad. However, thank goodness for poetry 🙂

  6. frick dude…this has great rhythm and rhyme…it pulls at my heart…and yeah plays well with the title…you rocked it man

  7. Great prompt, brother! More please.

  8. As a read this I could hear the Beatles song about “still my guitar gently weeps” in my mind…nice write.

  9. awesome!

    ‘she knows my love is nothing’ and
    ‘and I’m lost within my mind’

    along the same lines as my post

    great write
    thank you

  10. this was great….well written, damn good poem despite the prompt

  11. So many different ways these lines can be interpreted.
    Full of feeling and some pain, sadness, confusion.
    A powerful poem indeed

  12. I loved this. The title says it all, but then the words just seemed to play with my heart. Really, I’m amazed at what you did with the music prompt.

    • Much of the time I listen to music while I write. Kind of used to it, but seldom focus on it. Would love to try to write songs if the opportunity ever arose. However, I’m a terrible guitar player & sing like a howling dog. lol

  13. betweenhearts75 Says:

    So layered, incredibly well done…as always, so very impressed with your writing/so much thought and emotion in it…
    I like how this lingers with the “inside” of the mind…read so well, and so fitting to the music prompt! 🙂

  14. Thanks April. Haven’t seen you in the twitter stream. Hope your book writing is going well 🙂 Cheers

  15. Deep, sir, and cutting. Like Claudia, you had me with the title but love the arc of the poem as it pulls on more than guitar strings. Well written. Gay @beachanny

  16. this is just so heartwrenching. the sky is indeed crying

  17. Powerful emotions! Especially love “When tender notes weep…” and “I’m lost inside my mind…”

  18. “Lies lead history, I’ve had enough” —- Powerful.
    Enjoyed listening to it, too 🙂

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