To Walk Away… One Stop Poetry Challenge

*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This wonderful prompt was shot by photographer KJ Halliday, featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday. Come check out some great shots & the interview!

To Walk Away…

Upon gray pedestal of water
Blazing red distant time fades
Blushing grace, saunters gone
Can’t help thinking I was wrong

Hell might be not knowing
When you want her to walk away
Part hoping she could turn around
While feelings beg for change


38 Responses to “To Walk Away… One Stop Poetry Challenge”

  1. Wow, absolutely perfect words for the photo…she’s taking the heat away with her 🙂 Very nice Adam

  2. You present that ‘approach-avoidance’ emotion found in a relationship well in these lines.

  3. While feelings beg for change! – just perfect 🙂

  4. Stunning piece matching perfectly with the image. Nice pull aways as well.

  5. Thanks Everybody, glad for the positive feedback. Cheers

  6. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Amazing photograph, hope to come back later to see more of her work. FANTASTIC writing as always!

  7. The image the poem paints goes so well with the actual photograph. great! :]

  8. so beautifully collaborated with the photo. lovely work!

  9. You are a true artist and poem. You painted a lovely word picture.

  10. Love the image – the poem fits it beautifully

  11. beautiful words 🙂

  12. I relate, a beautiful poem Dustus

  13. Well considered poem for the photo. I enjoyed it a lot. I had a different take as I have known red walls by streams. I think this does look as though the speaker might be a little teared up so your take is a good one. Gay @beachanny

  14. Sad and poignant as she walks away taking the responsibility with her. Beautiful and I agree with Gay, very well thought out. Left hoping that some modicum of peace can be found after her departure.


  15. Kenia Cris Says:

    I do need new vocabulary because all the One Shots I commented today had ‘beautiful’ in my comment. =D

    The words match the picture and add some sadness to it. The poem is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


  16. beautiful take on the prompt adam with all the disruption, change and loneliness this photo contains – i like!

  17. The photo has a kind of push me – pull you sense about it. You give it an intense, personal intrepretation. Well done, Adam.

  18. the last line is so true…feelings are many time begging. Nice.

  19. Really like this one–a perfect description of that raw nerves feeling you get when something’s not right, but you don’t want to let go. And as always, you use one word where others might need ten. Very fitting interpretation of the mood of this photo.

  20. Yep, that’s that unsettled, contradictory, push me pull you kind of feeling, isn’t it? Very nicely done, Adam.

  21. The blurring red photo is described nicely by your poem which seems to portray mixed emotions and confusion or rather a sadness about what the speaker wishes for versus how things actually are.

  22. took your challenge and now I busy reading the others 🙂

  23. Wonderful take on an image raging with feelings! In your hands with fitting-so-controlled words, mixed emotions are disentangled. I love the the first line: “gray pedestal of water” describes for me how we turn liquid when in love, how passion melts our bones, our brains or that seat where we cast our will. Thanks, Adam!

  24. Great interpretation of the image, the indecision about your emotions that you describe sounds really heartfelt and intense. Wonderful share.

  25. Perfect. Everything was perfect.

  26. Red hot love, heat of the moment, wrong words said. . . situations nad emotions we all recognize. Your poem wonderfully complements the image.

  27. Fading…sauntering…indecision…

    Good word choice and feel in your work for the pic, very appropriate, as they well-capture that hazed, departing sort of vibe it emanates. Uncertainty looms in the photo, as here in your work, and you play it up to the peak of emotion, addressing a pain and a memory many know all too well. Regret, emotional fumbles…you can see an internal struggle here, staring after the fleeting image.

  28. ah yes, those feelings “beg for change”– great job, Adam–xxxxj

  29. Love the second stanza.

  30. you brought a lot to the picture.

  31. Poignant and ringing. I love the shifting rhyme scheme, it lends a sense of metamorphosis to the poem that is quite lovely.

    • OH! as well as your use of feminine rhyme, it’s subtle and gentle, and I only noticed there were no hard & masculine rhymes on my third reading.

  32. moondustwriter Says:

    hmm like the duality
    part wanting her to return and part wishing her to leave
    we have all been in that red mist

    here’s to another week eh???

    Hugs form the Moon

  33. This resonates with me.

  34. I like! Thanks for sharing

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